Spring Fever

All over the us everyone is having spring fever. Temps are rising and every one is ready to kiss winter goodbye. A few of my favorite work from home moms have debuted their spring lines. These are so cute and great for boys and girls(check site for clothing sizes)

Each company has more than the shirts pictured. These are just some of my favorites. Check out Beautiful Melody Designs and Little Urban Apparel for more cute clothing

What shirt will your little ones be rocking this spring? My son will be rocking one or two from each collection and I will make sure to post an OOTD so you can see how I style them.

spring fever


1. Natures Candy//2.Crush T-shirt//3. Kind Heart, Kind Soul//4. Express yourself

5. Natures Candy Raglan// 6 Sailboat 

summer time 21.Chillin’//2.Surfer Pineapple//3.Jammin’ // 4.Dino Rawr

5. No Sleep//6.Killin’ It T-shirt

The promise of springs arrival,is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter~Jen Selinsky

They’re Grrrrrrrrrreat

Growing up I was obsessed with Tigers. I have always wanted one, I loved frosted flakes because there mascot was a tiger and I would always asked to get my face painted as a tiger when I would go to the fair.

My love for tigers is still there but a little less obsessed. I am all about WAHM companies and when I saw this company by the name of Mon Petit Mardi I was so happy. They have some of the CUTEST kids things (clothes, Hats,cloth diapers etc) Not only did I fall in love with their tiger crochet hat but as you can see judging by the pics bellow so did X.


T-shirt is also a WAHM. Great company called A beautiful Melody


The cutest tiger of them all



This hat has STRINGS! no way