Get your hair Summer Party ready

I can’t believe that June is almost here. We are HALF way done with 2017!!!!! June means summer is here and that means BBQ and long nights hanging with friends and family. You want to look cute, obviously. Here is a cute Hairstyle you can rock at any summer get together


This is such a fun and easy style you can achieve. Below is the tutorial.

Product Review: Dark and Lovely Easy Twist Gel N Butter

IMG_1410Dark and Lovely introduces a new line for naturals in 2013 and I have used a few of their products. Some work for my hair and others have not. I recently started my subscription with curlBOX again. In the box was six full size products and a few of them were brand new. This Anti-shrinkage Easy twist Gel N’Butter from Dark and Lovely was one of them.

I am always up to try a new product. This one intrigued me because as a lot of naturals know you need a cream or butter to moisturize and you need a gel to give it some type of hold. Well, this is two products in one. No need to make a cocktail to twist your hair. The product has a creamy constancy and isn’t sticky even though it has a slight hold to it.


SRP: $9.99 to find out where you can purchase visit

I used the product on freely washed and conditioned hair while it was still wet. I let it dry over night and I LOVED the results. My curls were defined, soft and not crunchy but had great hold.This is   exactly what I need. When you have a great definition foundation you can be sure that your 2nd and 3rd day twist will look great as well.

I would recommend at least trying this product. It may work for you it may not but no harm in experimenting with new products. Here are my results after I took down my twist






Bantu NOT

I have been natural for almost three years now (december 16th is my naturalversary) and I have come to the reality that certain hairstyles are not for everyone. I have tried and tried, looked at tutorials and tutorials but I can’t seem to get my bantu knot on point!

bantu NOTThis is my LATEST attempt at the bantu knot out, I am just going to refer to it as the bantu NOT out. because I can’t seem to get the definition that I see on youtube and IG. I have attempted them just by twisting the hair around itself, putting hair in two strand twist and THEN wrapping in bantu knot. I have done it on wet hair, semi dry hair, dry hair and none of them seem to work. I know when to throw in the towel lol Here is one of my BEST bantu knot outs.

Bantu YESThis was over TWO years ago, do you see that definition? to bad they were not dry all the way through so I had to pin-up the sides and rock it like that.

Here is another attempt after my hair had grown out a little after my tapered cut last year.

Bantu KNOTAgain NO BUENO lol I try and I try. Hey I have accepted it. Some people can’t rock a wash n go, my look that is on the back burner will be the bantu knots. Who knows maybe one day I will visit this style again but for now I will stick with what I know, Wraps,Twistouts, Puffs and Buns :)

Keep the hair simple

What are some of your hairstyles that you have decided you will take a break from trying? What are some of your Favorite style?