Time for a Change

Today marks the first day of November and it was a needed change from the month that was October. I was ready for a new start.

I forgot that the time change was also happening and I didn’t remember how bad it was last year with a once year old until I saw this meme


I laughed AND cried when I saw this. It all came back like a ton of bricks. OMG our son can’t tell time and he will wake up when his natural clock goes off. Which IF it’s not bad, it would be an hour earlier than normal or it could be 2-4 hours earlier.

My husband and I went to bed not before giving each other the look as if to say: “well done today surviving parenthood”

Of course our son was up, BRIGHT EYES and all; ready to play. He didn’t give us the usual fuss over changing his diaper. He actually handed my husband all the supplies and laid down. Is this the twilight zone. We stare at each other with bags under our eyes and I greet the morning.

Today was a good day, dinner is now cooking and we have survived another day of parenthood. But or course we did it with Starbucks and a cake pop, I mean HOW ELSE can you survive a time change with a toddler? Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.19.43 PM

Oh the places we will go

I can remember before my son came along how incredibly easy it was when my husband and I would travel when we wanted to leave the house. You take for granted not having to wake up 2-3hours before you have to leave just so you can make it somewhere on time.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so glad that we hat eight wonderful years of traveling, going out on he town, sleeping in, last-minute trips and date nights alone every week. Even though it takes us a little longer to get places traveling as a family of three has been some of the best times. Being able to witness my son and husband seeing NYC for the first time, experiencing time square and the look of awe in my sons face makes the nights we went to bed early in the city worth it.

Visiting Disney for the first time and the impromptu trips we have taken since then take my breath away. The look of splendor that comes across my sons face as he sees Buzz Lightyear(from a distance, he is not cool with how life-size he is lol) sends a big smile across my face. I feel like a kid again.


It doesn’t even have to be a getaway or vacation for me to enjoy our time together. the simple act of going to the park or target means a nice afternoon of exploring and hearing you squeal with delight as you discover something new




I will say that the most difficult venture that we have taken is the one to MommyCon Orlando. You wanted to see your dad and it didn’t matter that mommy waited since October to attend. Some would day I need to teach you to go with my the flow of MY schedule. I am your mother though and I could tell you were uncomfortable. You cried most of the way home and when you saw our street you yelled out “papa here!” When we got home you ran to your father and clung to his side the entire day. Even though I was disappointed in missing mommy con, I was so elated that you love your father that much and that he is here to spend time with you and smother you with love.



There are so many places that I want to travel with you and I can’t wait to see what journey life will take us on. I am so glad to have you and your father as my traveling buddies. Oh the places we will go…


Come on mom, where have places to go


A letter to my son


xander 1

The love that was placed into my heart the day you came into my life was something I had been waiting for since I was a young girl.

I always knew I wanted to marry my best friend and with the love we had for each other we would become parents one day

I didn’t know that we would have to wait eight years before this special love would unfold

Every day I watch you grow I am in awe of the way you look at the world, such innocence.

The innocence you have, I wish I could bottle up and keep forever.

xander 2
I know that as you grow you will not only be molded by the things I teach you

But you will be shaped but the things you see, hear, and sadly even the things I will try my hardest to shield you from

I can’t keep you a child forever

Those small hands exploring the world, the inquisitive oooooooh you say when you hear a new sound or word.

xander 3
I must do my best to mold you as gently as a potter does with clay.  Give you everything you will need to make it through each and every day

I make it my aim to be diligent in teaching you the ways of life. I’ve realized that in my imperfect moments there is also lessons to be taught

When I mess up you can learn by my mistakes and even if you don’t. I’ll be here as your shelter and loving place.

I’ll be here when the pain and grief I can no longer shield you from.

I’m you mother, your beacon of comfort when this world shows you its true self.


Bring your Child to work day : NYFW Edition

Us “regular” folks aren’t out there with a side hustle of clothing designer. And if we did I am sure we would know that a fashion show may not be the BEST place for a toddler to be. Especially since they can have a tremendous meltdown at any given moment.

Of course what we would think is common sense would not ring true for some celebrities. I can understand wanting to share your hard work with your children and debuting your very first fashion show would be a great thing to show your offspring. However, a two year old does not understand that and it would be best for them to see your hard work from back stage with a baby sitter so that you can handle business and your wife could enjoy her front row seats. This is NOT what the Kardashian-West crew decided to do…can’t say that I am surprised seeing that their baby girl North only seems to be in black,leather and cameo since the day she could walk and be seen.

crying north

“this is not sesame street live! I want ELMO”

Can we just talk about Bey’s FACE. It says IT ALL!!! she is over IT, she looks like she wants to give North what she is sipping on just to quite her down. I know in her head she is thinking “Why isn’t kim taking this child somewhere?” Kanye is probably in the back thinking “Nori I’m a let you finish but Beyonce had the best baby of ALL TIME” (you know how hard he goes for Bey)

Finally Kim decided to take North away from the front row of her dads show, she might have been upset that Elmo wasn’t on stage. And why wouldn’t kim has a zippy cup or some sort of snack for poor north. Could she at least get her a coloring book or even an iPhone App to pass the time. We know you  have your phone Kim how else could you take all those selfies


Anna and Bey and thinking “FINALLY!”

I would think that you would learn from this incident and realize that North does not belong at the front seat of ANY NYFW show. But nope, Alexander Wang had a show and North’s Aunt Kendall was walking in this one. Of course you want to show north how successful her aunt it and how she can work a runway. Maybe it will be different and North will have a grand ol time.


“If you stop crying I will give you some new black dresses”

SHE IS NOT HAVING ANY OF IT! that baby just wants to be a toddler and nap when she wants maybe even wear some old navy attire and play in the mud. Kanye looks like he is really talking through his teeth at her. You know the kind when your parents want to beat that behind but people are watching so they put on that fake smile and tell you that you are going to get it when you get home.

I have to say that I have enjoyed this NYFW more than any because I want to see when North will act out next. Keep the pics coming and Kimye please keep brining your daughter to “work.” We know you love all this attention .