Product Review: Dark and Lovely Easy Twist Gel N Butter

IMG_1410Dark and Lovely introduces a new line for naturals in 2013 and I have used a few of their products. Some work for my hair and others have not. I recently started my subscription with curlBOX again. In the box was six full size products and a few of them were brand new. This Anti-shrinkage Easy twist Gel N’Butter from Dark and Lovely was one of them.

I am always up to try a new product. This one intrigued me because as a lot of naturals know you need a cream or butter to moisturize and you need a gel to give it some type of hold. Well, this is two products in one. No need to make a cocktail to twist your hair. The product has a creamy constancy and isn’t sticky even though it has a slight hold to it.


SRP: $9.99 to find out where you can purchase visit

I used the product on freely washed and conditioned hair while it was still wet. I let it dry over night and I LOVED the results. My curls were defined, soft and not crunchy but had great hold.This is   exactly what I need. When you have a great definition foundation you can be sure that your 2nd and 3rd day twist will look great as well.

I would recommend at least trying this product. It may work for you it may not but no harm in experimenting with new products. Here are my results after I took down my twist






Curlbox delivers again!

If you are not familiar with the service know as curlbox I’ll give you a quick overview. It’s a service that delivers 5-7 products to your door each month for us natural curly girls. It’s $20 a month to join and between the 9-15th of the month you will receive a mixture of sample and full sized products. This is an EXCLUSIVE service that sells out in minutes and its a HOT commodity if you want to learn more visit or the official Facebook page as well as their twitter for information. I have also made a quick video to show you how to join.

Before I show you what I received in this box I want to send out  a HUGE thank you to curlbox and the founder Myliek for creating such a wonderful service. I was lost in my journey and I didn’t know what products to use and to a new natural that can be overwhelming. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this video from the lovely Charyjay that I had hope.

There was a way I could get products delivered to my door and I didn’t have to go to a store and be overwhelmed at the AISLES UPON AISLES of products. SIGN ME UP!

Sadly I missed the first box that debuted in February of 2012 but I was DETERMINED to get my hand on a box! And in march I an email that said the list was open! so I RUSHED to a computer and I placed my order.

Now sure there are other subscription services out there that are “easier” to get. But I’m paying not just for a service but an EXPERIENCE! Myliek affectionately calls her subscribers the curlboxcrew. It’s like a sorority not everyone one can get in at once BUT when you are apart of it you are surrounded by a sisterhood that helps you grow and encourages you. Every morning we are greeted with inspirational quotes and FLY photos during the day that show inspirational hairstyles as well as fashion. It’s not just models that curlbox shows but everyday people; her curlboxcrew.

Each month surprises you and this month is no exception

Your eyes are not deceiving you. There are THREE full sized products

I am SO EXCITED about the henna

Joining curlbox is a 3D experience you get your products you can feel and you have the curlbox crew that encourages and shares with you their personal experiences in the natural hair community as well as a CEO that makes her self widely available to her customers. There is no other business out there like this.  It’s because of how  Myliek treats her business that has me screaming: If you haven’t joined curlbox you better GET ON IT! You don’t know what your missing.

These are a few of my favorite things…

For the month of September. I am a product junkie, I am not ashamed to admit it 🙂 and I just started doing videos in August for my favorite products for the month.

For September I have a few beauty and hair favorites. I usually use HairRules conditioner it’s one of my staple products but I ran out and I was waiting on my order to be deliverd and I went to target to pick up some conditioner( I was looking on the cheaper side and something caught my eye) Nourishing Coconut milk conditioner(price was 5.59) and it is something that I will use ALWAYS now. the smell and the slip that it gave me was GREAT!

One of my beauty favorites was the Rimmel London(brand Kate in #04) it’s a deep purple and perfect hue for the fall. I can’t wait to rock it out and about again.

Curious to see what else mad my faves list in September? check it out here.

September Fave

Natural hair is easier to take care of and other natural hair myths

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Ladies you know that it takes WORK to make your natural hair look good(and even when you put in work it seems to have a mind of its own) if you believe it doesn’t take work then sit with someone setting their hair for a braid,twist or Bantu knot out. Better yet sit with someone trying to put mini twist in. This is not to scare anyone away but there is a reason why naturals share their night time have to get into a habit to take care of it.

Myth #1 Everyone has a curl pattern: Some naturals have NO curl pattern, this doesn’t mean that their hair is bad hair. It’s just THEIR hair and it’s unique and it’s a learning process to figure out what styles work for your hair. You can also do twist outs and braid outs to get a “curl” look

Myth #2 If you don’t have a curl pattern you can use curl puddings,activators and etc: Ummm NO!! there is no magic pudding that will add curls to your hair…well there is but it’s called a texturizer. And that is a chemical process. Just be happy with what your blessed with.

Myth #3 All Natural girls Look down on people with  perms: This one made me laugh. There may be some out there that do but not ALL. I’m for healthy hair and some people can have a perm and have healthy hair. My hair was not healthy so I had to find what works for me. And I encourage you all to find out what works for you. Permed girls you don’t have to worry about me giving you the stank face but I would be happy to answer any questions have may have about my natural hair.

Myth #4 You can’t comb or brush your hair when your natural: Yes you can all naturals have a comb in their arsenal however you NEVER want to have a brush or come touch your hair in its dry state. Always use water or a creamy product when trying to manipulate your. And comb from the ends up to the root(this goes for non naturals as well)

Myth #5 Natural hair can’t grow: There are plenty of people that you can see out there on instagram, FB,YouTube that will dispute this myth. Even in my own natural hair journey I have had great amounts of growth. You just have to keep the hair moisturized and make sure to wear low manipulation styles a few times a year. Everyone’s hair grows.

Myth #6 Products for natural hair is to expensive: Granted there are some out there that are pricey but you don’t have to spend the big bucks to keep your hair healthy. I have products that range from $4-$30 that I use. It depends on what you want to use. And if your skeptical about a price of product and you want to see of it works first.say it with me: ASK FOR SAMPLES 🙂

I hope this answers a few of the natural hair myths that many have and hope you all have a wonderful time on your natural hair journey.

Product Junkie: To be or Not to be?

The number one question that I hear from most people (not just in the natural community) is: What products should I be using? You can have a YEAR long in-depth conversation and STILL not even scratch the surface of all the products that are aimed specifically at African Americans, relaxed or natural.

Today black hair care products make up a nearly $10 billion industry. Black women purchase about 80% of the WORLDS hair products

This is only a small look at my products. I think I put in about 5 million myself

No wonder big companies are advertising everywhere now on social networking sites and they are spending big bucks to drawn in African American customers. And now that many women are becoming natural, you can’t even turn on the television without seeing a commercial that has a natural women in it or for a new hair product. How can you see what products will work for you without breaking your bank?

First of all make a list (mental or on paper) of the NO NO ingredients and the YES ingredients that you want in a product. The best place to start is by looking at the ingredients in the products you use for your skin to moisturize it. I knew from the start that mineral oil is a NO NO for my skin, scalp and hair! It dries out your skin and takes AWAY the moisture. Here is an experiment. Take mineral oil and put it in a cup, then take a saltine cracker and put it in the cup with the mineral oil. Come back the next day and take the cracker out what do you notice? The cracker is still in tact. it even will crack when you break it in half!

What about good ingredients? Oils are essential for our hair so figure out which one works best for you. we need oils to moisturize our scalp. Another great ingredient for the summer (or if you live in humid area) are Humectants. They are used in skin and hair care products to promote moisture retention which is exactly what we naturals need…say it with me MOISTURE ( I can’t stress this enough)

Now that you know what you WANT in a product how do you know which ones will work for YOUR hair? here are a few ways not to break the bank and still experiment until you find the right product for you.

1. Have a product swap party with drinks 🙂 have friends bring 2-4 gently used products and swap. What may not have worked for them may be heaven to your hair. And who really needs an excuse to have drinks with the girls?

2. Call the companies up and request samples. See a product you want to try then be PROACTIVE. Find their customer service numbers and ask. The worst thing they could say is no. But more often then not they will send you samples because they want you to purchase their products. I know that Sephora has samples of their products so you can even go there and ask

Lastly if you don’t want to do all the work then join a monthly subscription service that will do all the work for you. You can cancel at any time and you can have samples even full size products delivered to your front door. Two that I hear great things about are:


$20 monthly subscription image from


$20 monthly subscription image from

So to answer the question. Should you be a product junkie? Well that is entirely up to you (you thought I was going to tell you what to do didn’t you?) I will say this: educate yourself, don’t jump on the product bandwagon(what works for one person may not work for you) and HAVE FUN experimenting!!