Naturalversary Celbration

It has been a great year! and I am looking forward to what 2013 will bring. I want to say a big thank you to all of my followers on YouTube and Curlformers is sponsoring a giveaway to celebrate my one year naturalversary. Would you like to be the winner? Check out the video below to find out how to enter. The contest started on Sunday December 9th and will go until Saturday December 22nd at midnight. This is a collab giveaway with none other then Charyjay, so make sure to check out her video as well and enter

Natural before it was a “Trend”…


I’ve been seeing this around the Internet,on shirts. It was also brought up at a natural hair Events that I’ve attended. Is it really important to divide all of the naturals into another category we already have SO MANY that we have to fight off?

To be honest I tried to become natural before it was a trend and there was not enough information or support out there and I was LOST! So I would transition for 6 months(didn’t realize that’s what I was doing) then I would give into the creamy crack. That cycle went on for 8 YEARS!! I am so glad that we have a plethora of information not only at our fingertips but we can ask questions when we meet a natural on the street.

It just hurts me to see that there is another thing out there that is dividing the natural community. I feel that when you say I’ve been natural before it was a trend it tries to minimize those who are just beginning their journey. It may not have been your intention but the words say that you are above what many have struggled to do. Maybe they just started transitioning or did the big chop because they didn’t realize there was another way. Or maybe they didn’t have the support they wanted. Or maybe they were scared to venture into the unknown. It doesn’t make their journey any less than those who have been natural for years.

I think the better way to let the world know that you have been natural for a long time is make a new shirt that says I’ve been natural for a while,got questions i got answers

Maybe then it will help to close the gap between the natural community.

I would love to hear how you my readers feel about this. Leave a comment

Girl Talk(Part 1) Beauty, Pregnancy and Fashion

After the Naturals in the Sun 1 year anniversary event took place. I was able to have dinner with the ladies that threw the event s/o to the Natural in the Sun ladies Chanell, Fae love and Marjorie, Jin from Love, Loss & Lacquer, Dearnatural62 from Youtube and of course the amazing Charyjay. We didn’t want the evening to end so Jin, Dearnatural62, Charyjay and myself decided to do a impromptu video. We had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Check it out part 1 here

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Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming soon

Natural hair is easier to take care of and other natural hair myths

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Ladies you know that it takes WORK to make your natural hair look good(and even when you put in work it seems to have a mind of its own) if you believe it doesn’t take work then sit with someone setting their hair for a braid,twist or Bantu knot out. Better yet sit with someone trying to put mini twist in. This is not to scare anyone away but there is a reason why naturals share their night time have to get into a habit to take care of it.

Myth #1 Everyone has a curl pattern: Some naturals have NO curl pattern, this doesn’t mean that their hair is bad hair. It’s just THEIR hair and it’s unique and it’s a learning process to figure out what styles work for your hair. You can also do twist outs and braid outs to get a “curl” look

Myth #2 If you don’t have a curl pattern you can use curl puddings,activators and etc: Ummm NO!! there is no magic pudding that will add curls to your hair…well there is but it’s called a texturizer. And that is a chemical process. Just be happy with what your blessed with.

Myth #3 All Natural girls Look down on people with  perms: This one made me laugh. There may be some out there that do but not ALL. I’m for healthy hair and some people can have a perm and have healthy hair. My hair was not healthy so I had to find what works for me. And I encourage you all to find out what works for you. Permed girls you don’t have to worry about me giving you the stank face but I would be happy to answer any questions have may have about my natural hair.

Myth #4 You can’t comb or brush your hair when your natural: Yes you can all naturals have a comb in their arsenal however you NEVER want to have a brush or come touch your hair in its dry state. Always use water or a creamy product when trying to manipulate your. And comb from the ends up to the root(this goes for non naturals as well)

Myth #5 Natural hair can’t grow: There are plenty of people that you can see out there on instagram, FB,YouTube that will dispute this myth. Even in my own natural hair journey I have had great amounts of growth. You just have to keep the hair moisturized and make sure to wear low manipulation styles a few times a year. Everyone’s hair grows.

Myth #6 Products for natural hair is to expensive: Granted there are some out there that are pricey but you don’t have to spend the big bucks to keep your hair healthy. I have products that range from $4-$30 that I use. It depends on what you want to use. And if your skeptical about a price of product and you want to see of it works first.say it with me: ASK FOR SAMPLES :)

I hope this answers a few of the natural hair myths that many have and hope you all have a wonderful time on your natural hair journey.

Confidence: Anyone can have it but How? 

Going through the BC(big chop) or even transitioning you may have blah days. I know I did and sometimes still do so what are some ways to combat this problem?

Purk up those lips: by that I mean choose a radiant color that you have never tried before. Looking for a great red lip? Want to try the neon trend GO FOR IT! it’s amazing how just making our lips POP! Make us feel good about about ourselves. You can check out a few of my favorite bight colors here.  Not sure what color to chose? Go to any major beauty supply chain and have a technician help you find the best color for you.

Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize: sometimes putting on an amazing pair of earrings or banging pair of shoes really plays up an Outfit and also puts some pep in your step. When you feel like you look great then it will come off in your attitude.

That’s what friends are for: no this is not just a title of an amazing 80’s song but it’s so important to surround yourself with positive people. It’s a k ow fact that positivity will help you go a long way and don’t have anyone around you “burning your trash” when you have a close group of friends supporting you it helps you with confidence and remember when it comes to that wonderful trip that is called life: Not everyone is meant to stay on the train for the duration of the trip. So don’t feel bad if you have to get rid of some luggage

Embrace your uniqueness: This one is easier said then done. We all are different and have differences we need to learn to love these differences and embrace them. Once you truly love yourself then you exude confidence and everyone around you can tell

Let the haters hate: everyone has opinions about EVERYTHING so when you feel like you look great people may not. But that is just their insecurities they aren’t strong enough to walk outside their home and not care a out what people think.

And lastly The outside is just as important as the inside: take pride in how you present yourself. Wear something you wouldn’t  normally wear. One of the reasons I loved the big fat summer challenge was because challenged the participants to wear things they had doubts about. Your outfit can work you up quick. Let’s face it if you feel beautiful on the outside it makes you fill good on the inside.

We are ALL beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you differently