Six ways to tie a Hair Wrap/Turban

I am a HUGE fan of wearing hair wraps. There are numerous ways that you can rock one.


Wearing Rekolte from Fanm Djanm

I love to use cotton ones because they are great for elaborate looking wraps. Don’t be intimidated, the wrapping part is pretty simple. It just takes a bit of practice.

Now my curly ladies, just remember that if you plan on wearing wraps for an extended period of time(more than a day) or you have hair that easily breaks off. You can wear a silk bonnet underneath the wrap to protect your strands.

Here is a tutorial I made to help you with SIX ways to rock a wrap 🙂

Havana Fro Unit Review

I am late to the Wig game and I am mad at myself! I love doing protective styles but I have a problem of keeping them in for longer than three weeks. With a wig you can have the versatility of different hair styles and the ability to change it up within a week. I love that. I decided to try out fingercomber’s Havana Fro Unit.  I had been searching for a while on YouTube and blogs and this picture right here is what made me decide to go with this unit.



Do you SEE that Diana Ross realness that this unit is giving? I was SOLD and I placed my order. It wasn’t until after my order that I had read some reviews about how it took over two months to receive the unit and I was worried. Well I placed my Order on April 1st and I received it on April 8th. That is AMAZING shipping if you ask me.

This unit is easy to clean and you have to detangle it. Since I am a natural I am used to having to detangle so this was not a con in my book. Just remember to always start at the ends and work your way up to detangle. The unit has two combs. One in back and one in the front. It is also adjustable.



There are so many versatile styles that you can do with this unit. You can do up do’s I especially love the fact that you can put havana twist in(I am looking forward to rocking that) as well as a big puff or just wear it out. I will be attending a wedding next week and I am thinking of the many ways I can rock this unit. I can’t wait. Below are a few hairstyles that I have rocked since receiving this.It is only a half wig so you will have to leave hair out and try to blend,that process was easy to do.  All in all I would recommend this wig IMG_1705





Be Yourself

I was perusing the internet today and somehow I always seem to stumble across crazy things. I stumbled across an article entitled :Women with natural hair have low self-esteem. Below is a paragraph from the article.

“According to the study by Bountiful Hair, natural hair being viewed as a messy look is causing many women, who wear their hair in that manner, to feel inadequate and less desirable as their counterparts. Those feelings of inadequacy causes women with natural hair to lash out at women with treated or straightened hair, and in turn lowers their self-esteem”

What now? I guess this “Study” questioned 3,000 natural women and 2,500 said that they didn’t feel pretty as a natural women.I weep for them.

What kind of study was this? and how controlled was is? I truly believe that you should do WHATEVER you want to YOUR hair that makes you happy. Who am I to try to tell you that being natural is the only way of life. What I will say is don’t think that just because you watch 1,000 YouTube tutorial that YOUR curls will look the same. Also not all products work for your hair type.

I think many women go into the natural route thinking that they can change their hair texture and turn it into something it’s not. As much as I would love to have Tracee ellis Ross hair

Tracee Ellis Ross

just look at that beautiful hair

I know that the texture that grows from my scalp is one of a kind. I have learned what works for my hair and what does not. I realize that I will never have the same style as someone else and that is ok. I am comfortable in my skin and being my own person.

To many people join the natural movement and think its easy. umm no! you have to set your hair two -three days before you may get it to look the way you want it to look( I love 2nd and 3rd day hair the best myself) you have to show your hair some TLC. When I say that I can’t do anything because I’m washing my hair I mean it! wash day is a spa day for my hair. I need to show her some love. natural-hair-wash-day

Being natural is not for every one. I repeat..NOT FOR EVERY ONE. I can’t stand people who tell you how you should do your hair, that is one of the reasons that in my hair videos I make sure to tell you these are MY thoughts and that this may not work for everyone. If you like to have your hair fried, dyed and laid to the side then rock it. There is no need for us as women to try to bring down another women just because she isn’t rocking the style WE feel SHE should.

We also need to be aware that only WE can allow someone to make us feel inferior or have low self-esteem. We have to make it our aim to love ourselves even if no one else does. We are our #1 fan. I will say this. You are beautiful no matter your size, hair color, color of your skin etc.  Don’t you forget that, just live your life and be yourself large