Casual OOTD: Mommy and Me


When I found out I was having a boy I was so excited. I shared the news with everyone. A lot of people would say “Aw thats nice but would’t it be great to be able to dress you and your girl alike and have the same hair” I would just say:”I am blessed that I am having ANY child lol and I know that my son and I will have mommy and me moments as well”

Well today was that day! What I didn’t expect however is how hard it is to set up and take pics with only you and a toddler. I thought hey I have a tripod and a remote I am all set. I just need to take some shots and we will be all set. I WAS WRONG. I consider this a life lesson and I will now only have my husband take pics for us when I want to do a OOTD again. But I had fun and wanted to share with you our OOTD



IMG_1070On Myself: Shirt: H&M(similar Shirt)//Jeans: Forver 21//Shoes:Toms

On Xander: Shirt:Old Navy//Jeans:H&M(similar Jeans)//Shoes:Toms


Mom! no more pictures please



My little camera man