12 yr wedded bliss.

This past Sunday, my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage. We had so many reasons to celebrate this milestone. The last two years have been an emotional rollercoaster and with the help of Jehovah and each other we made it through to the other side. Happy and healthy I might add. My husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Dinsey with the kids. We had a blast. Xander is now at the age where he is super excited and Kiera was happy looking at the parades and riding rides. So much fun.






After such a wonderful weekend I was not expecting anything else. Then a wonderful friend watched our two children so My husband and I could have a kid-free anniversary dinner(we haven’t had one of those for the last 4 anniversaries) We got to just laugh and talk about our highs and lows of the year. What goals we have as a couple and individuals for the next year of marriage. It truly was a weekend to remember and one I am so glad we were able to have.


If you like my hairstyle you can check out the tutorial for it here. 

What have been some memorable weekends that you have had? Share them below in the comments.

Chill Time

The weekend is something I always look forward too. It means family time with my husband off from work, hanging with friends, date nights and playtime. I love when we don’t plan anything and just get into the car and go. This particular day we decided to head out to eat at a restaurant overlooking the water. Then stopped at a park on the way home. I always keep toys in the car for occasions such as these.

The temps have been amazing in Florida, no humidity and a light refreshing breeze that comes every few minutes. I am all about making memories with my family and this day was a small adventure but one that I had a great time making.






I don’t know what this is used for but I LIKE IT



I am a 90’s lover. So anytime I see a sun ray I feel like Mufasa is telling me to “Remember who you are”


Picture This

Gone are the days where we go and get our photos developed and put them in our photo albums or picture frames. We live in a digital age, so many people put their pics on social media. There are companies that will print your pictures from your social media accounts so you have a tangible copy.

I was looking for something to print out our memories from a family vacation we took with our friends to Disney

Nowvel is a company I found and I love their concept.*



The pictures are put in a book and sent to you. The modern look is great for a coffee book table or bookshelf. It’s a great way to put your memories on display. This is the first book that I have ordered and I will be ordering a few more. I know there are a lot of companies that will take your memories and put them in a book. One thing I like about this particular company is that the pictures inside are not in a grid format.


When you open the book you see ONE fluid picture. I haven’t seen one done like this. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones, to have your favorited pics in one album, vacations, weddings, baby shower. The gift giving is endless with these cute books. Also if you have more than one, you will be able to find it on the shelf …


Don’t mind the creases, my toddler decided he wanted to hold onto the book with wet hands.

One other nice feature is in the very back of the book is a note section, a perfect place to write a favorite memory.


This company also has an app so you can create your book on the go. I have to say that this company has gained a returning customer. I will be making a few more books of my families memories and putting them on display in my home.

*All of these thoughts are my own. I purchased this product with my own money, this is not a sponsored post. I just like to share with you my readers companies I like.