Walking on Sunshine OOTD

My OOTD was inspired by the sunshine state. Nothing gets you out of a fashion funk like throwing on a bright hue and a smile 🙂

I purchased this dress from old navy last spring( it was featured in LUCKY mag and I HAD to have it)

Today I felt glam 🙂 I think being six months pregnant and rocking an outfit I bought last spring had a little something to do with it 🙂

Dress: Old Navy, Women’s Crepe Tie Belt Dress $36.94 *This dress was featured in Lucky Magazine.

Shoes: New York and company

Bag: Bought while on a trip to Jamaica(it’s made out of a coconut)

Glasses: Prescription Gucci Frames (with transition lenses)

Hair: Natural; High Puff

Don’t forget to dress up your bright hue with nice accessories and you too will feel like you’re walking on sunshine.

I love it when we’re crusin’ together

My husband and I decided we wanted to end the year with a BANG! so Dec 16-22 we were on a fabulous cruise to the Caribbean(Yes we survived the “end of the world” at sea)  Our stops were Grand Caymen, Caymen Islands, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Labadee, Haiti(An Island that is owned by Royal Caribbean International)

My husband was amazing this was an anniversary gift to me and the fist night we boarded the cruise he had a anniversary cake delivered to our stateroom. Before

We didn’t have a knife and hey we were on vacation so you throw all rules out the window and take a relaxed view at things 🙂 by the time we were done with this cake it looked like this.

                                                                                   After(it was yummy)

The cruise was 6 fun filled days and the adventures that we had will last us a life time, between meeting RAD DAN ( A CRAZY man on the boat who we thought had been locked into boat jail because we didn’t see him for three full days), My husband getting hit on by a 90 yr old women (who we named Delores) and she shimmied over to him in the elevator using her walker so we of course had to create a dance and call it the Delores

                                                                  Kevin doing the “Delores” in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The breathtaking views of Jamaica and our crazy driver Cool Johnny who drove us all around and Labadee the view from the cabana that we rented was just BREATHTAKING and looked like it was unreal. if you are looking for a vacation to take I highly recommend a cruise its so worth it. You can eat at any time of the day they have amazing food. great service and you can see the beauty and indulge yourself in the many cultures that you meet not only on the boat(Royal Caribbean has workers from over 90 countries) but also speaking with all of the people from the areas you visit. I am def ready for my next cruise! who’s coming with me?


                                                                          You can’t go to Jamaica and not drink a red stripe

                                                                    Our Crazy Cab driver “Cool” Johnny

The ladies for formal night

Formal Night

View from our Cabana in Labadee, Haiti

Battle of the Lipstains

I am going on vacation and I wanted to have something light and moisturizing on my lips that I could just throw on and also give me a POP of color. I decided to give two brands a try and pit them against each other to see who comes out on top 🙂

I purchased Covergirl Outlast lipstain (#420) and Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain(Smitten) here is the breakdown for the two of them. I wore them both for at least half of the day from 9:00 am to 3:00 p.m and here are my thoughts


I had to reapply this one more than 4 times in the time period. It didn’t stay on very long and I couldn’t get enough product on my lip because of the applicator. The applicator looks like a felt marker tip. It was semi moisturizing but not enough for the Caribbean heat that I am about to be in.

The application was very smooth and easy to put on. It was VERY moisturizing and also had a little lip plumping action going on (not that I need that but it was still nice.) The color was amazing

So in this challenge Revlon won hands down. I loved it so much that I went out and purchased another color(darling #10) If you want the full breakdown you can visit my video review here.

My Hair needed to go into Protective Custody

If you tell any woman that there is a style out there that they can do that would last them 2 months and they wouldn’t have to take hours out of the week to style their hair I am sure they would be ALL OVER IT! well I found that hairstyle for myself. They are called Senegalese (pronounced: Sin-Na-Ga-Lease) twists. True you have to invest some time to get them installed into your hair (Mine took 9 hrs to do) but it is SO worth it in my eyes.

So what is a Protective style? This is a style that you can wear with your real hair and just make sure that the ends of your hair are tucked a way (I.E Twist updo, roll tuck and pin, bantu knots etc) or you can add extensions and fully cover the hair (I.E. Senegalese twist, box braids, braids, sewin, etc) the main objective is not to manipulate your hair so that its can “rest” and you have length retention. Now when you add your extensions you want to make sure that you prep you hair BEFORE you get them and also leave them in NO LONGER than 2 months( Any longer and you can suffer breakage and that would defeat the purpose of a protective style.

I made sure to show my hair some TLC! I washed with my hair with a moisturizing shampoo: Hair rules Daily Cleansing Cream (This is featured in my November favorites and is one of my Staple products) then I made sure to condition my hair. A Deep Conditioner is VERY important because you will not be doing one for 2 months. I used Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and sat under my Huetiful Steamer for 20min so that the deep conditioner could really penetrate my hair. Once that is done make sure to rinse your hair with cool water so that it can close your hair follicle and the conditioning treatment can really work(Huetiful moisturizes your hair 5x better then just conditioner alone and it’s no joke this thing is amazing). Next is your leave in conditioner and an oil of your choice to seal all the moisture in ( I chose JBCO, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil and Jojoba oil mixed all together). Make sure to detangle and wrap hair with a microfiber towel to dry ( the less heat you have to use the better.

You need to blow out your hair so that the stylist can work with your hair (lets be honest you hair in it’s natural state is hard to part if you are not used to working with natural hair) make sure you use a heat protectant on your hair! I used Tresemme heat tamer spray. Once you are all done with that process you are ready to sit down for a full work day and get those extensions put in. Just remember that they will be in there for 2 months (if you choose) so it’s worth it and the end result are great. They hair that was used for this was Kanekalon yaky hair($1.99 a pack at my local beauty supply store and I used 6 packs) I want to thank Annie for an AMAZING job and if you are in the Tampa bay area then please look her up. You can check out her FB page at African Hair Braiding by Annie. Price for Senegalese Twist start at $175 and up.

I enjoy being a girl

It has only taken me 29 years but I have FINALLY fallen in love with Makeup. I have always been fascinated with it and how you can use it to make your features POP or hide any “flaws” you may feel that you have. Bright lips have always been my go to makeup application and I never did much with my eyes all that changed about a two weeks ago when I was walking through Target and I spotted at the corner of my eye makeup brushes and eyeshadow pallets.


I knew a little bit about make up to know that the E.L.F brand is affordable and great. so I decided to pick it up (A steal for $10 for both the pallet and the brushes) and headed home. I have been having a blast creating some looks with the help of YouTube Tutorials from trusted Beauty Gurus and I of course have to put my own spin on it. I can’t wait to get more pallets and brushes dare I say A MAKEUP JUNKIE has been born.