Whitney: Let’s Talk about it

lifetimeswhitneymovieposterartworkIf you are like me then you have been wondering how Lifetime was going to portray Whitney. I was onboard when I heard that Angela Bassett was directing and Yaya Decosta was playing Whitney herself(I have loved her since american next top model) Now after Lifetime did Aaliyah dirty I was a little nervous about what I was going to see.

So I decided to have a seat for the next two hours to check out if this movie would live up to the hype.As the movie started it was how Whitney met her future husband Bobby Brown. I felt that it painted Whitney as this crazy coke addict and Bobby was the innocent boy that was seduced by her. As the movie played on we can see how their love/addiction to each other played out.


Whitney seeing Bobby Perform at the Soul Train Awards(lifetime)

R&B singer Deborah Cox is singing all of the songs and Yaya is lip syncing to them. I have to say that I really wish that they would have used Whiney’s voice or find someone that was close to her voice, which is impossible because it’s WHITNEY FREAKING HOUSTON. But Deborah Cox did give her all in the voice performance. Especially her rendition of the famous I will always love you. Yaya slayed the lip syncing she was giving us Whitney all the way! very good performance.

Let us talk WIGS. This movie had no shortage of them at all and I was here for ALL OF THEM.Even though they were a HOT mess I lived for them because back in the 80’s and 90’s we all were rocking them lol


whitney-lifetimeIn all honesty  I think that they movie should have been called BOBBY. It seemed like it was written from HIS point of view and really didn’t focus to much on Whitney’s life and legacy. Also the interview with Mr. Brown following the movie was crass in my opinion. Why would you only want his point of view on their life? I have to say that the movie was a tad slow and downright boring in some places. There was SO MUCH missing and left me wanting to see more of her life story. Rumor has it that there will be a film made to dipuct the rest of Mrs. Houston’s life. Kuddos to lifetime for at least holding my attention for 2 hours but I can’t say that I would watch this movie on repeat. I will however download a song or two