Did SheaMoisture Sell out?

Yesterday,  SheaMoisture made a HUGE announcement.

They have been bought out by Unilever. Now, When this was announced I heard right away that they are sell outs and they aren’t here for the community that built them but honestly I feel like that is further from the truth. As a SheaBassador I had the privilege to get on a call with Mr. Dennis himself and ask him specific questions about this deal(something that all of the Sheabassadors had a privilege of doing.)

Right away I wanted to know if this was a partnership or a buyout. Unilever has bought out Sundial but Mr.Dennis is still the CEO of Shea moisture and holds creative control. He now has the ability to have more capital to put back into his community at a faster rate, as well as being able to make his brand a global brand. I asked him if there was a black-owned business that was bigger than his that he could have gone to in order to build his brand to be the global brand he dreams of. He stated sadly there was not.” he also stated that is why he is excited about the possibility of investing in more black entrepreneurs so that one day we will see a black-owned business with global reach.”

I personally am excited about this. All too many times we as minorities cry out that the business needs to stay black-owned. Look around your neighborhoods, even in predominantly minority ones, WHO OWNS MOST BUSINESS? WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? It is usually not back into the community that business is in. With this buyout the COO who is overlooking the companies that have been bought out is a black woman, the money is also being put BACK into black communities. So how is this a bad thing?

The “Beats Deal” of Beauty & Personal Care was Announced today but this time Black Women are at the Center ! This sister @eebracey sitting with in the light, is now on top of a 5billion dollar portfolio at Unilever bring all her Black Girl Magic & Grown Ass Woman Strategy to brands like Vaseline, Qtip, Dove (yup) AND now Sundial(SheaMoisture, Nubian Heritage) the largest deal ever in this category by a Black (family business) the DOPEST detail is Sundial & @unileverusa have created a fund to invest in Black & WOC entrepreneurs starting at 100 million! Providing, capital, infrastructure & information to smart, passionate sisters-50 million ready to invest in Jan! Today Black women won big in a big business deal & there’s more to come ✊🏾💄💃🏽 #BossedUpBlackWomen #CenterBlackWomen #InvestInBlackWomen #TrustBlackWomen #BlackGirlMagic #GrownAssWoman #HereForBlackWomen

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One thing that Mr. Dennis kept stating over and over is that he is excited that they now have the economic freedom to put money in our communities that way we can have the SAME opportunities. If there are no funds then how will these opportunities happen?

I have seen a lot of black women talk about this company and how they aren’t the same etc and you have every right to not spend your coins where you don’t want too. However, look at this as an opportunity you have as black women(Or other WOC) to submit business proposals to a company that understands the struggle you may have when going to a bank to get a business loan. They now have the opportunity to help MORE women. So if you have a dream of owning your own business, start getting things together so you can submit a proposal and try to get it funded.

What other company has done this? who have set up a fund to help entrepreneurs. NO one else has done it on this scale. This is the LARGEST buyout for a black-owned business who made sure that their community is not left behind. When you are innovators and at the forefront of business, people may not understand and they may not support you. Business 101 is about growth, you can’t make money if you don’t grow and you cant invest in people or your business if you have no money.

So congrats ShaeMositure on your new endeavors. You’re not afraid to break down the walls and I can’t wait to see where the next 20 years takes you.

Moisturize,Moisturize,Moisturize Part 2

It’s cold outside no matter where you live. the humidity is out of the air and there is a crisp fall feeling to it now. Now more then ever you need to make sure that you show your hair a little TLC. Pre-Poo is a GREAT method to achieve the moisture that your hair requires. It’s also great for the summer months when your hair needs a little pick me up.

I want to have THEIR length…

This is a sentence that MANY of us have mentioned from time to time. weather we are relaxed or naturally curly. Hair envy, Hair crush whatever you want to call it we long to have length. How can we achieve length? is there a special pill that we can take? can we speed up the process?

The quick answer is yes and no. Yes YOU can achieve Length and NO there are no special pills out there that could speed up the process ( even though there are MANY on the market that claim that it can) dont get sucked into all the hype.  Hair grows on average 1/4 of an inch each month so sorry ladies you can’t chop off your hair and expect BSL (bra strap length) hair in six months.There are however some steps that you can take to retain the length that you get from your hair growing.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize : This is SO important our hair is very fragile and and in order to retain that 1/4 inch hair growth you need to concentrate on your ends. That is the oldest part of your hair and it’s VERY fragile and susceptible to split ends and tangles which lead to breakage. use whatever moisturizer you feel is best for your hair and make sure to seal that in with a oil that works best for you. Not sure what oils to use? check out a list here

2. Low Manipulation styles: Nothing hurts your hair more then pulling and tugging at it all the time. I must admit I have HIH (Hand in hair) syndrome really bad. it’s cute and I want to fluff it up or play in it. Also I am HORRIBLE at keeping the same style for a while. but it’s so important to give our hair a break from time to time. I LOVE protective styles now and I keep them in for at least a week to give my hair the rest that it needs. But, while your hair is in it’s protective style remember to moisturize it well before you do the style and make sure that the style is not to tight (if you decide to do braids, cornrows, flattwist etc) because the tension could cause damage not only to your edges but also your ends and scalp. Not sure what kind of protective styles are out there? check here for a few of my favorites that are easy to do and very cute.

3. Protect your tresses when you sleep: This one I had to remind myself and I am FINALLY in the habit of wrapping my hair at night with a satin head wrap or wearing a satin bonnet. True this may not look sexy when you go to sleep so if you are worried about looks you can invest in a cute satin pillowcase and you can just fall asleep. Cotton pillowcases are absorbent and will rob your hair of the moisture is needs to grow as well as tangle your hair and can create split ends that result in breakage.

4. Take your time when detangling: NEVER and I mean NEVER detangle your hair when it is dry! that is in the natural bible somewhere. our hair has strength when it is wet so only detangle when your hair has water or a conditioner with great slip in it. also make sure that you are not tugging you always want to start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up to your roots.

5. Last but certainly not least is BE PATIENT: there is no way for any of us to speed up the growth process. so just enjoy your hair in the TWA stage. Think about it, the more you learn how to take care of your hair now the easier it will be when you have to work with ALL THAT HAIR you will get in the future.


Patience it will grow. Duration of growth 8 months


Natural before it was a “Trend”…


I’ve been seeing this around the Internet,on shirts. It was also brought up at a natural hair Events that I’ve attended. Is it really important to divide all of the naturals into another category we already have SO MANY that we have to fight off?

To be honest I tried to become natural before it was a trend and there was not enough information or support out there and I was LOST! So I would transition for 6 months(didn’t realize that’s what I was doing) then I would give into the creamy crack. That cycle went on for 8 YEARS!! I am so glad that we have a plethora of information not only at our fingertips but we can ask questions when we meet a natural on the street.

It just hurts me to see that there is another thing out there that is dividing the natural community. I feel that when you say I’ve been natural before it was a trend it tries to minimize those who are just beginning their journey. It may not have been your intention but the words say that you are above what many have struggled to do. Maybe they just started transitioning or did the big chop because they didn’t realize there was another way. Or maybe they didn’t have the support they wanted. Or maybe they were scared to venture into the unknown. It doesn’t make their journey any less than those who have been natural for years.

I think the better way to let the world know that you have been natural for a long time is make a new shirt that says I’ve been natural for a while,got questions i got answers

Maybe then it will help to close the gap between the natural community.

I would love to hear how you my readers feel about this. Leave a comment