Don’t try to rain on my parade

I have been looking forward to my baby free girls night for WEEKS so of course since we will be spending some time outside I looked at the weather forecast for the day. The only day that it is supposed to rain is on Saturday. I think to myself well maybe it will be wrong. It was not wrong(for once weather man you are correct)

The good news it that the night is still going to go on as planned and the rain should subside after our dinner and we can still go to an amazing place downtown and have our drinks on the rooftop. The bad news is…NONE I am getting out the house with my girls and I have the prefect outfit 🙂


IMG_1366Pants: NYDJ Jeans // Shirt: Asos// Shoes and Purse: Just Fab// Necklace and Rings:H&M

I fell in love with these jeans when Gabi Fresh wrote about them last September and I had to get them. Being a plus size girl you always are on the hunt of for great jeans. Well, these did not disappoint. They have just the right amount of stretch and are so comfortable. These are now a staple piece in my closet.

Since it’s a girls night I also decided that I would rock some metallic tattoos. I love bracelets but I have surprisingly small wrist so they always fall off. With these tattoos I can have the illusion that I am wearing jewelry and I don’t have to worry about losing anything.