Beach Baby

I love when we have nothing planned on the weekend and we can just go with the flow. Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day in Florida. The sun was out and the wind was blowing a nice cool breeze. After baby woke from his nap we decided that it was a perfect time for our first family beach day. I got our swim suits and my ring sling(so many parents were trying to carry their children on and off the beach with their things. I actually had one mom say “That’s a smart idea”  YAY for hands-free beach fun) We also decided to go later in the day when the sun cant cause damage to baby and our skin. We had a blast! We made memories and can’t wait to go on another beach adventure soon.












“Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course. It happened to me … on that summer’s day, when my eyes were opened to the sea.”

                                                                                     — Jacques Yves Cousteau


Lady in Red

My two favorite colors are Red and Purple and I jumped for joy when I walked into Old Navy the other day and they had RED jeans as well as a gorgeous Purple with red flowers scarf on clearance. Since it’s a beautiful Saturday I decided that I wold thrown on a outfit worthy of the day. so here is my OOTD

                                        Pants Old Navy/ Shirt: Target/ Scarf: Old Navy

With this outfit I am ready to conquer whatever the day has in store for me 🙂 not only that but my hair was cooperating with me (Fellow naturalistas will understand that this is a reason to rejoice.) and I found the perfect shade of lipstick to accentuate the outfit

                            Lipstick: Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge/ Earrings: Old Navy/ Hair My mom and dad

But just when I was about to get ready to step out into the world I paused…being a girl can be difficult, I was faced with a MAJOR decision

Dressy or Casual shoes?

Girl Talk(Part 1) Beauty, Pregnancy and Fashion

After the Naturals in the Sun 1 year anniversary event took place. I was able to have dinner with the ladies that threw the event s/o to the Natural in the Sun ladies Chanell, Fae love and Marjorie, Jin from Love, Loss & Lacquer, Dearnatural62 from Youtube and of course the amazing Charyjay. We didn’t want the evening to end so Jin, Dearnatural62, Charyjay and myself decided to do a impromptu video. We had a lot of fun making it and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Check it out part 1 here

And don’t forget to follow these LOVELY ladies

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Jin// Youtube/ Blog

Dearnatural62// Youtube

Be on the lookout for Part 2 coming soon

Tampa Bay Naturally You Meetup

I am not sure if you know about a website called Meetup (you can also download the app on your iPhone) but it’s a wonderful tool to see what is going on around you. My husband uses it for web developer meetups and he advised me that they have meetups for EVERYTHING!! so I should look into it for a support group for local naturalistas. I was VERY excited to find the group Tampa Bay Naturally You, Devon was our gracious host for the day and as soon as I walked into the auditorium I was greeted with a big smile. It put me at such ease and ready to learn 🙂

Today’s topic was on Hair Basics, I brought a friend with me who is thinking about going natural and she admitted she was a little nervous going to an all natural meetup. she didn’t want to be judged but the opposite happened. she was embraced with open arms. a meeting we though would last about an hour turned into TWO and we all could have stayed longer. We found encouragement and an outlet for how we all felt about the different stages of this natural journey that we are on.

SO lets get right down to business about what was covered in the meeting. MsJStyles a.k.a Jazz was the educator on what to do with our hair and she rocked out two quick easy hair styles that we all could master as well as a quick how to for flattwist, cornrows and two strand twist. If you are in the Tampabay area and are looking for a natural hair stylist check out Jazz’s work

Ready to learn the basics about our hair
Such a diverse group of hairstyles in one room
Listening intently

Do you know the difference between TEXTURE and CURL PATTERN? This is one of the many things we learned today.

Texture: this refers to classifying hair as FINE, MEDIUM and COARSE. These classifications are determined by diameter and density.

Curl Pattern: refers to the form and shape the hair takes as it grows from the scalp. i.e straight, wavy, curly, coily, zigzag.

There is also a wonderful link that shows you the difference between Kinky and curly hair

It was so nice to just sit around an talk about how we need to embrace our hair and that you can have healthy hair (whether it’s permed or natural) but it all depends on your mental attitude. When we are growing up we are taught that “Nappy” hair is bad hair and straight is “good” hair. and it’s an attitude that is being passed down generation after generation. One thing I can say is that since I have become natural I have met so many new people and it’s a bonding think of which I have never seen before. As a natural I feel confident enough to walk up to a stranger that I don’t know and ask her about her secrets to her hair care and she will share them with me NO QUESTIONS ASKED! and to me that is a beautiful thing.

We got to see two quick styles that anyone can do and it took less than 10 min for each style. Here is a quick up-do that you can do on a 2-5 day old twist out to make it look hip and fresh.

Jazz doing a quick up-do on Sabrina her hair model
It only took five min and it was FAB
From the Back
Sabrina working that beautiful style

Who said that you can’t add hair to natural hair. a quick braided weave can add more texture and jazz up a bun.

Braid for a quick up-do or protective style
done in minutes

Whatever area you are in I highly suggest that you look up a meetup in your area. And if you dont have one then CREATE ONE. I am looking forward to September when I can meet up with all the lovely, inspirational ladies that met today. I was also able to rock out an outfit off my BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE today I was happy( I rocked sleeveless shirt AND a maxi skirt)

Carla is looking FAB as she transitions with a beautiful twist protective style
Jeanine and Nadia are thinking about saying no to the “Creamy Crack” and Carla is there for support (As well as the rest of the natural community)
The end of a long day so tired but fulfilled