Product Review: Dark and Lovely Easy Twist Gel N Butter

IMG_1410Dark and Lovely introduces a new line for naturals in 2013 and I have used a few of their products. Some work for my hair and others have not. I recently started my subscription with curlBOX again. In the box was six full size products and a few of them were brand new. This Anti-shrinkage Easy twist Gel N’Butter from Dark and Lovely was one of them.

I am always up to try a new product. This one intrigued me because as a lot of naturals know you need a cream or butter to moisturize and you need a gel to give it some type of hold. Well, this is two products in one. No need to make a cocktail to twist your hair. The product has a creamy constancy and isn’t sticky even though it has a slight hold to it.


SRP: $9.99 to find out where you can purchase visit

I used the product on freely washed and conditioned hair while it was still wet. I let it dry over night and I LOVED the results. My curls were defined, soft and not crunchy but had great hold.This is   exactly what I need. When you have a great definition foundation you can be sure that your 2nd and 3rd day twist will look great as well.

I would recommend at least trying this product. It may work for you it may not but no harm in experimenting with new products. Here are my results after I took down my twist