40 Date Night Ideas


Before we were married my husband and I sat down and discussed what we expected out of marriage. One thing we both agreed on was that we needed to continue to date one another. It’s not advantages for your relationship to think that you or your partner will never change. One of the ways that you can keep up with the changes that comes with life and grow together is to have date nights. They can be something simple as just talking to each other about what your life plans are for the next five years to a weekend getaway vacation.

The important thing to do is for you to have a night to yourself where you don’t talk about work or the kids and you get to know your partner. We as a couple do this once a week. We have been doing this for the past nine years and even after the arrival of our son last year we still make time for us once a week.

A lot of times you may get into a dating rut and all you can think about are the quintessential dinner and a movie. Well look no further. Here I have made a list of some date night ideas.

  1. Painting with a Twist(Fun art date that you can drink wine at)
  2. Art Gallery
  3. Ride Go-Carts
  4. Go Kayaking or Tubing(in winter months Ice Skating or Sledding)
  5. Bike Riding
  6. Go Dancing(extra points if it’s a style you two have never tried)
  7. Visit another city
  8. Go hear Jazz,spoken word, or reggae
  9. Visit a Piano Bar
  10. Grab Beers at a local Brewery
  11. Visit tourist spots in your own town
Visiting a local Pier and having fun

Visiting a local Pier and having fun

12. Take a walk– around your neighborhood, a beach, a park, by a lake

13. Go see a local band

14. Visit the zoo

15. Go rock climbing

16. Attend a festival in your town

17. Go to an amusement park and ride roller coasters or take in some shows

18. Go to a farm and pick fruit that is in season

19. Go see fireworks

20. Spend the afternoon at the coffee shop

21. Get takeout and have a picnic in the park

22. Go to the Driving or shooting range

23. Netflix it up 🙂 watch and entires season of your favorite TV show

24. Go Wine tasting

25. Go for a long drive and make a playlist of songs that remind you of one another you can listen to on the road


What about AFTER baby comes. Does that mean that you have to stop your weekly date night? absolutely not. That just means that you have to be creative and you may have to spend some nights at home. After baby goes to bed that is the time for you and your mate

baby makes three

You, Me and baby makes three

26. Play a board Game

27. Rent a movie and have dinner on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows

28. Do a puzzle together

29. Cook a dinner together

30. Record a video about when you met and fell in love(watch it on your anniversay)

31. Give each other massages

32. Play a video game together

33. Ice Cream Sundae night

34. Grab Takeout and eat by Candlelight

35. Read something together

36. Plan your dream vacation

37. Share where you want to be in 5 to 10 yrs

38. Play a card game

39. Make milkshakes

40. Make a pizza from scratch (don’t forget the wine)


All in all have fun with each other and keep communication open. Those are a few keys to a happy relationship

What are some of your favorite date night ideas? I would love to hear from you