Natural hair is easier to take care of and other natural hair myths

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Ladies you know that it takes WORK to make your natural hair look good(and even when you put in work it seems to have a mind of its own) if you believe it doesn’t take work then sit with someone setting their hair for a braid,twist or Bantu knot out. Better yet sit with someone trying to put mini twist in. This is not to scare anyone away but there is a reason why naturals share their night time have to get into a habit to take care of it.

Myth #1 Everyone has a curl pattern: Some naturals have NO curl pattern, this doesn’t mean that their hair is bad hair. It’s just THEIR hair and it’s unique and it’s a learning process to figure out what styles work for your hair. You can also do twist outs and braid outs to get a “curl” look

Myth #2 If you don’t have a curl pattern you can use curl puddings,activators and etc: Ummm NO!! there is no magic pudding that will add curls to your hair…well there is but it’s called a texturizer. And that is a chemical process. Just be happy with what your blessed with.

Myth #3 All Natural girls Look down on people with  perms: This one made me laugh. There may be some out there that do but not ALL. I’m for healthy hair and some people can have a perm and have healthy hair. My hair was not healthy so I had to find what works for me. And I encourage you all to find out what works for you. Permed girls you don’t have to worry about me giving you the stank face but I would be happy to answer any questions have may have about my natural hair.

Myth #4 You can’t comb or brush your hair when your natural: Yes you can all naturals have a comb in their arsenal however you NEVER want to have a brush or come touch your hair in its dry state. Always use water or a creamy product when trying to manipulate your. And comb from the ends up to the root(this goes for non naturals as well)

Myth #5 Natural hair can’t grow: There are plenty of people that you can see out there on instagram, FB,YouTube that will dispute this myth. Even in my own natural hair journey I have had great amounts of growth. You just have to keep the hair moisturized and make sure to wear low manipulation styles a few times a year. Everyone’s hair grows.

Myth #6 Products for natural hair is to expensive: Granted there are some out there that are pricey but you don’t have to spend the big bucks to keep your hair healthy. I have products that range from $4-$30 that I use. It depends on what you want to use. And if your skeptical about a price of product and you want to see of it works first.say it with me: ASK FOR SAMPLES 🙂

I hope this answers a few of the natural hair myths that many have and hope you all have a wonderful time on your natural hair journey.


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