Natural before it was a “Trend”…


I’ve been seeing this around the Internet,on shirts. It was also brought up at a natural hair Events that I’ve attended. Is it really important to divide all of the naturals into another category we already have SO MANY that we have to fight off?

To be honest I tried to become natural before it was a trend and there was not enough information or support out there and I was LOST! So I would transition for 6 months(didn’t realize that’s what I was doing) then I would give into the creamy crack. That cycle went on for 8 YEARS!! I am so glad that we have a plethora of information not only at our fingertips but we can ask questions when we meet a natural on the street.

It just hurts me to see that there is another thing out there that is dividing the natural community. I feel that when you say I’ve been natural before it was a trend it tries to minimize those who are just beginning their journey. It may not have been your intention but the words say that you are above what many have struggled to do. Maybe they just started transitioning or did the big chop because they didn’t realize there was another way. Or maybe they didn’t have the support they wanted. Or maybe they were scared to venture into the unknown. It doesn’t make their journey any less than those who have been natural for years.

I think the better way to let the world know that you have been natural for a long time is make a new shirt that says I’ve been natural for a while,got questions i got answers

Maybe then it will help to close the gap between the natural community.

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  1. Crystal;) says:

    Love this!!! “natural before it was a trend”.. Bc I did the whole natural thing not too long after having Malachi just bc it was easier & saved time but bc most products either dried my hair out or left me looking like a had a non stop Jerry curl!!.. I went back to my trusted press & curl;) You’re so right, there’s a lot more knowledge, product, and yes support for natural hair now, which makes it easier to not give in to your frustration of natural hair woes… but rather be patient, knowing you actually are doing your hair the most good;) so thumbs up on this piece;)

  2. Ash says:

    I think the whole “well i did that before it was cool to do that” mentality has been around for a long time… those people are called hipsters… they drink PBR and only listen to underground bands because it’s not mainstream – stuff like that – as soon as other people pick up on the hot trend they’ve already been taking part of – they poo-poo it as no longer “cool”. There’s always going to be a few of those people in a group… does it cultivate negative feelings and an elitist mentality? yes … and that’s what they like – superiority by means of being the first one in the door.

    it doesn’t have to completely ruin the experience for everyone else though, just recognize that those people have an issue and don’t make it yours. if being on your natural hair journey makes you happy then revel in the expanded information available and brush off any divisive comments that float your way in the community.

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