Moisturize,Moisturize, Moisturize!!

I really can’t stress this enough, a lot of times that curlies complain about their curl pattern, the volume of their hair or anything 9 times out of 10 the problem is not enough moisture. We all moisturize our skin on a daily basis whether it’s with lotion or oils (stay tuned for my video about some of my favorite products to use during the summer for your skin) so shouldn’t we be doing the same for our hair?!

Even if you are not moisturizing everyday you need to at least pay attention to your ends and scalp everyday. a healthy scalp yields healthy hair and your ends are fragile and you don’t want split ends or worst yet single strand knots.

Pick whatever moisturizer that works for your hair type(everyone is different so what works for me may not work for you) but EVERYONE should be using an oil to seal that moisture in your fragile locks. There are a lot of oils to choose from Coconut, Olive Oil (Extra Virgin ), Castor Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), Grape Seed, Jojoba (pronounced Ho-Hoba), Sweet Almond, Avocado to name a few. I am going to focus on Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) for this blog post and the benefits that it has on our hair. they have most of the oils I mentioned available on their site

Contrary to what many believe this is great for ALL hair types, you can use it as a daily moisturizer or you can use it as a hot oil treatment that you wash out. what are the benefits of Castor oil?

It cleans your scalp of anything that would inhibit maximum hair growth

It has fatty acids in it that nourish your scalp and keeps it from becoming dry as well as retaining it’s moisture

Castor oil is a Humectant which means it has the ability to draw moisture from the air

Rubbing Castor oil into your scalp and roots on a regular basis helps with hair lost and thickens the hair that you have.

These are a few great things about castor oil. I am a believer after I decided to transition my hair was in the worst state that it had ever been in. I had tremendous amounts of breakage and damaged ends. I used castor oil every day and I was able to see my hair growth and not only did it grow it was healthy and had a shine to it.

My hair Dec 16,2011 (right after I became 100% natural) and started using Castor oil Daily

My hair Feb 2012

My hair June 2012


  1. mimilicious says:

    Hi NF Thanks for the informative post. I big chopped my hair on Saturday past. I only transitioned for 3.5 months, then cut. So far i am lovinggg my short cut and my curl pattern. it's so coily and curly. Anyways, I got a bottle of JBCO today, was researching on how to use it, stumbled across your post on fb. I Love your hair in the June pic. It's so full and lovely. And the colour makes it pop. Question: How exactly did you use the castor oil? Hot oil treatments or just daily moisturizing? Did you do any mixes?

  2. FloridaNatural83 says:

    Hi mimilicious,Congrats on your BC 🙂 I have actually never used it as a hot oil treatment. I use it at least three times a week. before I go to bed I twist up my hair and put it on my scalp (and while I am twisting my hair I place it on my edges) I also use it to mix with my gels or moisturizers that I use for my hair. (gel if I am doing a puff or want to wet set my twist).Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. OverComeR says:

    Hi Love. Thanks for posting your progress. I recently purchased Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor oil and I've noticed a little growth, and a lot of thickness. I've be I only use it twice per/wk. I've been mixing mines w/cayenne pepper because I've read a couple posts about how that combination promotes hair. What are your suggestions and does your blog allow us to Update our hair growth progress? Please look me up on Facebook, Kay Brooklyn. Thank Love. BLessings N Guidance-K~

  4. FloridaNatural83 says:

    I dont have a way to share excepr for leaving a comment at the bottom of the blog and I have no problem with you linking your blog or youtube page. I would LOVE to see anyone's progress :). the only suggestion I have for you is to be patient there are no magic pills that will help our hair grow faster and also don't be afraid to use the castor oil more often. sometimes I have used it 5 days a week. it just depends on my mood.thanks for reading

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