Mix it up

I saw this beautiful skirt from Melange Mode. These skirts are so vibrant and just beautiful. I had to order one. I knew I was going to be attending a wedding in a few months. When I saw this particular skirt, I KNEW I had to wear it to the event. I am so glad that I ordered this 2 months before the event because it is a popular skirt and had a month turn around time.

I received mine in about 2 weeks from ordering it. And the colors were even more vibrant in person than in pictures(I still don’t know how that is possible)

I love to mix prints and when I saw this skirt and ordered it, I  already knew I would be paring it with my stripe shirt I had purchased from H&M.

Seeing the outfits on IG just made me want to wear mine! Finally the wedding day was here an I was able to get dressed up.  I paired it with some vintage looking earrings I had, when I saw these it reminded me of a pair that my grandmother used to always wear so I had to get them.

Having a toddler means that when you wear jewelry that you have to guard it with your life lol. I wanted to  be carefree. So I opted for these metallic tattoos from flash. It gives you the look you want and I didn’t have to worry about my son pulling them off .

I danced the night away at the wedding and got to see a loving couple say their vows before family and friends. It was such a wonderful evening.








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