Lil Kim is not the problem there is an even bigger one.

So over the weekend Lil Kim posted a pic to her IG and people went IN on her and he new looks. Now while you can search and see PLENTY of people calling her out, I am not one of those people.I honestly believe there is an even bigger issue here then her altering her looks.(which she seems to enjoy and more power to here) Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.09.33 PM

What I started to wonder was WHAT made her think that she needed to look like this to make herself feel beautiful? She herself has said she’s been cheated on, been told she isn’t beautiful and the men that left her went to someone with that European beauty. This made her think she was not good enough or beautiful enough the way she was.  This is one of the reasons I always say representation REALLY matters. We have to stop telling our beautiful black women that they are “cute for a dark skin girl” or put our light skin black women on a pedestal and make them feel as though they are “BETTER” than others because of their skin color.

The truth is that this is a HUGE problem in the world not only in the black community but everywhere.You can really see how deep systematic racism really is.  People have this assumption that lighter is better when its really our differences that make the world a beautiful place.

I’m not going to sit here and make fun of Lil Kim, I will say I was shocked when I saw this pic but like I said, it runs deeper than just a pic of someone who used plastic surgery and extensions to make themselves feel better. It’s about how society tries to push European standards as the beauty norm, oh they want FEATURES from women of color but just don’t want anything to do with ACTUAL women of color.

So instead of going to her IG page and trying to bring her down by telling her she isn’t beautiful or you miss the old kim, start by loving yourself, get therapy if needed for any deep issues you may have and treat others with kindness. Thats just my two cents on the matter


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