FALL into a protective style

FALL is just around the corner, cooler weather means wash n go’s can be tricky and you may not have time to do your hair everyday. Protective styles are a great way for you to just throw on some clothes and head out the door without worrying about your hair. You can get a 1-4 weeks out of a protective style. Just remember that its really important the way you set your hair depends on how long you can wear it in a protective style.

what are some protective styles that you can wear? there are a lot but I will name three. you ALWAYS want to start on freshly washed hair, make sure to use a GREAT moisturizer since you will have it in a protective style. Make sure that you’re hair is detangled, you don’t want to set your hair in ANY style when you have small knots or tangles.

Style 1. Faux Bun with a bang

This is a VERY easy style and can last a week, to keep this style just wrap your hair up with a silk scarf at night and you are ready to go the next morning.(you may have to shape the bun again if worn like this) but if you have the bun braided or twisted you can just go.

What you will need for this style is Marley Braiding hair (it cost me 4.99 for one pack at the local beauty supply store)

Gel of your choice( I used Ampro Olive oil gel $2.49 at local beauty store) and bobby pins.

You want to make sure to use your leave in conditioner, moisturizer and oil of your choice(I used JBCO for mine) Comb or brush your hair up into a high bun(use an ouchless band)

You also want to use an ouchless band to in the middle of the hair so you can attach it to your bun.


Once you attach the marley hair to your bun then you just wrap it around (One side to the left then bobby pin it in place then the other side to the right and bobby pin it in place) then you can place bobby pins all over to make sure that it’s secure to your head.

You can also add a little more texture to your bun by either braiding the hair or two strand twisting it. make sure to secure the end with a rubber band.

Style 2 : Mini two strand twist

These will take you some time, but if done right the first time they will last you anywhere from 4-6 weeks. I have not made a video of these yet but Naptural85 on youtube has these down to a science and you can check out her tutorial on how to achieve this wonderful protective style

Style 3: Roll, Tuck and Pin

This is an AMAZING style and so cute and you can do it MANY, MANY ways

Kinky Curly Coily Me has a great tutorial on this style that I am wearing and it’s a very easy protective style that you can rock in the fall.

I hope you enjoyed this and it has inspired to you wear YOUR protective styles this fall or even come up with some of your own.

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