Date night in a Box – Bonding Bee Unboxing

Date night is something that is wonderful and when you are married should be done at least monthly. We are ever changing and so are our interest. Dating is getting to know your significant other. Life changes us and date night is a good way to check in with your partner.

When kids come along it can be very hard to figure out the babysitter, where you should go etc. Bonding Bees takes the work out of planning a dating. you get a date night box sent to you with date activities.

One of our favorite parts of the date night box was the time capsule. A way to see how you did as a couple in 2017 and what goals you have as a couple in 2018. You also were encouraged to write each other love letters. We decided we will open ours up come October for our 13th wedding anniversary.

Below is a unboxing video to show you what we got in our first box. If you want one of your own you can order is here and be sure to use Floridanatural10 for $10 off your first box. Also be sure to check out 40 date night ideas that I have put together from the 13 years we have had date nights.


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