Curlformers : A great way to form YOUR curls without heat.

I have seen all the hype about Curlformers and I have been debating if I was going to spend the money and purchase them.(retail is 69.99) but I have a wedding to go to next saturday and I want to do a great updo and I didn’t want to use any heat for the curls. So I just bit the bullet and decided to purchase a styling kit.( GREAT sale going on now at Sally Beauty Supply, you get $5 off and if you use your Sally card you get an additional 15% off)

I bought the extra-long and wide styling kit ( I know my hair is not long at this time but since I spent good money I want them to last and I am sure my hair will grow) It comes with 40 curlformers and two hooks

Time to get to work

I didn’t really know what I was in for. I have spent MONTHS looking at tutorials on how to put them in your hair but you really never know until you get in there and do it your self. (shout out to Naptural85, her tutorial REALLY helped me out) I am proud to say that it only took me an HOUR to put them in my hair. I am sorry I don’t have a picture of the process but next time I will do a tuorial so you can see how to do it on medium length hair.

I made sure to start on freshly washed hair. My hair was damp and I used Cantu Shea butter for my leave in conditioner, locked in my moisture with JBCO(Jamican Black Casotor Oil) and as a styling product I used Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel (This was a GOD send espically down here in FL where the humidity in 100% in the summer)

Now how exactly will I sleep in these?

Once I was done I realized that I didn’t have a bonnet large enough to cover my hair (Looks like I need to invest in one of these) so I used a satin pillowcase instead. I slept pretty good, it’s all in finding a comfortable spot. If you have slept in bantu knots then you can sleep in these. They are not extremely hard they are very stretchy and you can move them and squish  them without disturbing your curls because they are safety tucked into the curlformer.

Taking them out is a lot easier then putting them in (I am sure I will get better with putting them in but it took me about a half hour to get into the flow, so don’t give up) To take them out you just squeeze the top of the curlformer and slide it off and then you have beautiful NO HEAT curls.

Super defined curls
Style them how you want and go.

I had to run around and do some errands and meet some people for lunch and my hair really held up. it only had min frizz and the curls were still defined. Curlformers can be used on ALL types of hair from all ethnic backgrounds, So I would have to say that f you can afford it and you want super defined no heat curls then give the curlformers a try you will LOVE them.

I sweat all my makeup off but the curls still look cute 🙂

Here is a video tutorial I did for a wedding I was attending this month.


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  1. August 6, 2012 / 11:24 pm

    Love your hair! Your making me miss mine! I have locs now! Love it so much! Im loving the fresh face!

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