Curlbox delivers again!

If you are not familiar with the service know as curlbox I’ll give you a quick overview. It’s a service that delivers 5-7 products to your door each month for us natural curly girls. It’s $20 a month to join and between the 9-15th of the month you will receive a mixture of sample and full sized products. This is an EXCLUSIVE service that sells out in minutes and its a HOT commodity if you want to learn more visit or the official Facebook page as well as their twitter for information. I have also made a quick video to show you how to join.

Before I show you what I received in this box I want to send out  a HUGE thank you to curlbox and the founder Myliek for creating such a wonderful service. I was lost in my journey and I didn’t know what products to use and to a new natural that can be overwhelming. It wasn’t until I stumbled across this video from the lovely Charyjay that I had hope.

There was a way I could get products delivered to my door and I didn’t have to go to a store and be overwhelmed at the AISLES UPON AISLES of products. SIGN ME UP!

Sadly I missed the first box that debuted in February of 2012 but I was DETERMINED to get my hand on a box! And in march I an email that said the list was open! so I RUSHED to a computer and I placed my order.

Now sure there are other subscription services out there that are “easier” to get. But I’m paying not just for a service but an EXPERIENCE! Myliek affectionately calls her subscribers the curlboxcrew. It’s like a sorority not everyone one can get in at once BUT when you are apart of it you are surrounded by a sisterhood that helps you grow and encourages you. Every morning we are greeted with inspirational quotes and FLY photos during the day that show inspirational hairstyles as well as fashion. It’s not just models that curlbox shows but everyday people; her curlboxcrew.

Each month surprises you and this month is no exception

Your eyes are not deceiving you. There are THREE full sized products

I am SO EXCITED about the henna

Joining curlbox is a 3D experience you get your products you can feel and you have the curlbox crew that encourages and shares with you their personal experiences in the natural hair community as well as a CEO that makes her self widely available to her customers. There is no other business out there like this.  It’s because of how  Myliek treats her business that has me screaming: If you haven’t joined curlbox you better GET ON IT! You don’t know what your missing.


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