PinkBlush Maternity Lookbook + GIveaway

When you are expecting the one thing you need is maternity wear. It so hard to find cute, trendy, affordable clothes to dress your bump. Well look no further than PinkBlush Maternity  They have some of the best maternity clothing. They also carry women’s wear so even if you are not expecting you can still check out the clothing.  The company was gracious enough to send me three outfits It was very hard for me to narrow down which three outfits I wanted.

The company not only carries clothing but accessories(shoes, jewelry, bags etc) they also carry things for the baby as well. I fell in love with some of the accessories and purchased them myself.


Look #1: Coral Crochet top dress// Necklace: Teal stone Pendent

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.25.18 PM


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 5.49.59 PM

Look #2 Pink Aqua Damask Wrap dress//Necklace: Pink Floral Necklace



Look#3: Peach Open lace overlay bell sleeve //Necklace:Teal stone Pendent// Wallet: Brown faux leather fringe 



I had such a blast putting these looks together. This is such a great maternity boutique and they have great maternity looks. Pink Blush Maternity also is giving away a $75 gift card to ONE of my lucky subscribers. Check out my video lookbook here to see how you can enter.

Jeffree Star liquid lipstick Swatches

Thumbnail JS Swatches

Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are in my TOP fave brand for liquid lipsticks. The company has one of the BEST formulas out there. The cost is $18 per lipstick, they are long lasting. Not only are they great lipsticks but you can use them s colored eyeliner as well. I also like that you can mix the colors together and make unique colors, follow jefressstarcosmetics on IG for some inspiration or just play around with the colors yourself.

Here is a video of how some of the colors look on brown skin. Have fun experimenting with colors 🙂


Essence Beauty Box

I have always loved the idea of a subscription service for products. I mean you get items delivered right to your door and you can try out samples of different products. I joined a popular makeup subscription service a few months ago and I was so excited because i had seen all the hype behind it.

Well, imagine my disappointment when I received my box and the products i paid for just were not right for my skin type. I am a WOC(woman of color) I have gold undertones, so not ALL makeup will work for me. I felt like it was a waste of my money when I was not able to use most of the products that I had purchased.

I was a little sad. Well, imagine my joy when I found out that Essence is debuting their own beauty box in OCT 2015! I am so excited to try out this subscription box. For only $15 a month I will be able to try products that will work for my skin tone as well as support business owned by POC(Essence has stated that they will feature at least one product a month by a black owned business)

This seriously has made me so excited. I can’t wait until October so I can see what is inside the first box. You can sign up for your own box here

Amazon Prime Day


If you have been living under a rock, chances are that you have heard about al the hype surrounding prime day that started July 15th at 12 am. When I saw the banner I KNEW it would be mediocre at best! This was a GREAT marketing ploy. As soon as I saw they used the saying More deals than black friday, i knew they were biting of more than they can choose. I mean this is the FIRST prime day.

I was already a prime member. I have been for two years now. I LOVE prime. That two day shipping is all I need. The photo cloud that I can upload all my phone photos too, the movie, the music that is all a bonus and not the reason I signed up for prime.

I feel like they should have just advertised signing up for prime would give you SAME DAY shipping or even ONE day shipping(which it already does in some areas) that would get people running to sign up for prime. At least those that of us who love to online shop.

I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to purchase but my curiosity got the best of me. I logged in to see what deals they had.

Amazon Prime day had me looking like this


Seriously Amazon? they had a hodgepodge of products all lined up on the screen together


I was in shock at the nonsense that I was seeing, not by the prices and the money I would be saving.

They way that it was done was weird as well. The deals had a countdown to when they would be available, you could “hold” a product and of it was “sold out” then you could get on a wait list for that product. However, even the wait list had a limit. I understand that May be smart move for you not to oversale any of the products but I was juts not feeling it at all.

Amazon nice try but I am a little disappointed that you tried to sale me leftovers from the warehouse and tried to make me think it was a great deal lol

One of my favorite bloggers Awesomely Luvvie said it best:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.21.15 PM

Side note: You NEED to follow Luvvie on Facebook. She has me in TEARS everyday.