Amazon Prime Day


If you have been living under a rock, chances are that you have heard about al the hype surrounding prime day that started July 15th at 12 am. When I saw the banner I KNEW it would be mediocre at best! This was a GREAT marketing ploy. As soon as I saw they used the saying More deals than black friday, i knew they were biting of more than they can choose. I mean this is the FIRST prime day.

I was already a prime member. I have been for two years now. I LOVE prime. That two day shipping is all I need. The photo cloud that I can upload all my phone photos too, the movie, the music that is all a bonus and not the reason I signed up for prime.

I feel like they should have just advertised signing up for prime would give you SAME DAY shipping or even ONE day shipping(which it already does in some areas) that would get people running to sign up for prime. At least those that of us who love to online shop.

I didn’t have anything in mind that I wanted to purchase but my curiosity got the best of me. I logged in to see what deals they had.

Amazon Prime day had me looking like this


Seriously Amazon? they had a hodgepodge of products all lined up on the screen together


I was in shock at the nonsense that I was seeing, not by the prices and the money I would be saving.

They way that it was done was weird as well. The deals had a countdown to when they would be available, you could “hold” a product and of it was “sold out” then you could get on a wait list for that product. However, even the wait list had a limit. I understand that May be smart move for you not to oversale any of the products but I was juts not feeling it at all.

Amazon nice try but I am a little disappointed that you tried to sale me leftovers from the warehouse and tried to make me think it was a great deal lol

One of my favorite bloggers Awesomely Luvvie said it best:

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 3.21.15 PM

Side note: You NEED to follow Luvvie on Facebook. She has me in TEARS everyday.

Coloured Raine Review

I have always loved bright colors. The brighter the better but when it comes to my lipstick I have always been a pink,purple,nude and red type of girl. I have always wanted to step outside the box but never had the nerve to do so.

I came across this company called Coloured Raine and as  I was perusing the cosmetics, I saw some of the brightest “out of the box” colors I have seen. I decided to just take the plunge and I ordered three liquid lipsticks and one normal lipstick.

As soon as I received them I immediately put on a color that I would have never even thought of trying before.


Wearing Emerald Raine

I absolutely loved the green!

Here are my thoughts and the other colors that I purchased.

First Impression: Tula vs Beco

This review is just my personal opinion. I purchased the Tula with my own money and the Beco I received after attending the baby wearing VIP at Mommycon Orlando. My hopes are that after you read this, you can make an informed decision about what type of carrier would work for you and your child.

I have a toddler Tula right now and the Beco Soleil

Lets start with the specs. I will be giving the specs of the standard Tula and the Beco Soleil since they are comparable. Toddler Tula weight and hight limit starts at 25lb and 35in. I want to write this article with first time babyweares in mind. I have also owned a few standard Tula but I don’t have pics to compare at this moment. They have a lot of similar specs so I will just put down a few differences. If you would like the full specs of the Beco Soleil and The Standard Tula just check out the links.

Beco Soleil Specs($140):

  • Front, Hip and back carry options
  • Newborn to toddler(with purchase of infant insert) 7-45lbs
  • padded headrest
  • ability to cross straps across back
  • key ring and toy ring on carrier
  • Has detachable pocket that is great for storage when out and about. Also has pocket on waist belt.
  • weight of carrier is 1.3lbs
  • 100% cotton which is great for warm temps

Wanted to add that for a newborn option you can also use the Beco Gemini($150). NO need for infant insert because you can make the base narrow to fit newborn and change it as baby gets older, unlike the Soleil and the Tula you also have the option of facing baby forward(as well as side carry, back and facing parent)it also has the padded headrest that the Tula does not have. This carrier goes from 7-35lbs.

Standard Tula($149) Toddler Tula($169)

  • Used from 15-45lbs
  • can be used from birth with toddler insert as well
  • has pocket on waist belt
  • weight of carrier 2lbs
  • carrier has canvas which can be very warm in hot temps

There are some of the differences. I have to say that I love both of them but the Beco beats the Tula for me only because you have so many more options of how you can carry. I also LOVE the padded head rest, so does my son who sometimes likes to lean back and his head is supported better with the Beco.

One main difference is the safety buckle feature. With Tula you have a small elastic band that you are supposed to feed the buckle through. Many people do not use this which is not good. It’s so important to use. Sometimes buckles can come undone, little hands could unbuckle it. This elastic band keeps your child IN your carrier and not falling to the ground.

The Beco has the same kind of latch that you see in shopping carts. You need two hands to unlatch the buckles. This is great because is a no fuss approach.



The Tula has elastic for the shoulder straps and waist band, the Beco has the tri lock for shoulder straps and waist. They tighten differently as well. While wearing a Tula with baby facing you, you would pull straps towards the front. The Beco you pull straps back(like you are skiing) Can be a little confusing when you are wearing these two interchangeable but not a deal breaker.

The straps are what sold me on the Beco. I loved that my ergo had straps that I could wear cris -cross however I like the comfort of the Tula better so I purchased that(I also didn’t know about beco at the time). Beco is the baby of the ergo and tula in my mind lol. It takes the best of both and adds new features.

ImageTula is comfortable because the straps come down lower past your shoulders however, as my son gets bigger I like that I can reinforce my carry by making the straps cross in the Beco. My husband who has a bad back also liked this feature as well.


Toddler Tula vs. Beco Soleil (sorry I didn’t have a great pick of standard Tula font carry)


The truth about carriers is that they are like jeans, what works for me may not work for you. I would greatly suggest going to a local learn and play at your baby wearing chapter. If you don’t have one then check out a store local to you that sells different carriers and try them out. If that is not an option there are a few online stores that offer a 30 day return policy, that way you can try out the carrier and see if you like it. (Abby’s Lane is a great online store that offers this)

All in all I have to say that I really do love the Beco over the Tula. The price point is about the same but I like the added features that Beco has to offer and the comfort is key. What have been some of your favorite carriers and why?


Picture This

Gone are the days where we go and get our photos developed and put them in our photo albums or picture frames. We live in a digital age, so many people put their pics on social media. There are companies that will print your pictures from your social media accounts so you have a tangible copy.

I was looking for something to print out our memories from a family vacation we took with our friends to Disney

Nowvel is a company I found and I love their concept.*



The pictures are put in a book and sent to you. The modern look is great for a coffee book table or bookshelf. It’s a great way to put your memories on display. This is the first book that I have ordered and I will be ordering a few more. I know there are a lot of companies that will take your memories and put them in a book. One thing I like about this particular company is that the pictures inside are not in a grid format.


When you open the book you see ONE fluid picture. I haven’t seen one done like this. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones, to have your favorited pics in one album, vacations, weddings, baby shower. The gift giving is endless with these cute books. Also if you have more than one, you will be able to find it on the shelf …


Don’t mind the creases, my toddler decided he wanted to hold onto the book with wet hands.

One other nice feature is in the very back of the book is a note section, a perfect place to write a favorite memory.


This company also has an app so you can create your book on the go. I have to say that this company has gained a returning customer. I will be making a few more books of my families memories and putting them on display in my home.

*All of these thoughts are my own. I purchased this product with my own money, this is not a sponsored post. I just like to share with you my readers companies I like.

Havana Fro Unit Review

I am late to the Wig game and I am mad at myself! I love doing protective styles but I have a problem of keeping them in for longer than three weeks. With a wig you can have the versatility of different hair styles and the ability to change it up within a week. I love that. I decided to try out fingercomber’s Havana Fro Unit.  I had been searching for a while on YouTube and blogs and this picture right here is what made me decide to go with this unit.



Do you SEE that Diana Ross realness that this unit is giving? I was SOLD and I placed my order. It wasn’t until after my order that I had read some reviews about how it took over two months to receive the unit and I was worried. Well I placed my Order on April 1st and I received it on April 8th. That is AMAZING shipping if you ask me.

This unit is easy to clean and you have to detangle it. Since I am a natural I am used to having to detangle so this was not a con in my book. Just remember to always start at the ends and work your way up to detangle. The unit has two combs. One in back and one in the front. It is also adjustable.



There are so many versatile styles that you can do with this unit. You can do up do’s I especially love the fact that you can put havana twist in(I am looking forward to rocking that) as well as a big puff or just wear it out. I will be attending a wedding next week and I am thinking of the many ways I can rock this unit. I can’t wait. Below are a few hairstyles that I have rocked since receiving this.It is only a half wig so you will have to leave hair out and try to blend,that process was easy to do.  All in all I would recommend this wig IMG_1705