Protective Styles : How to Extend


I’m not going going to lie. I’m horrible when it comes to protective styles. I kep them in for maybe a wek tops(one of the reasons that I try to install my own protective style)

I heard great things about hair called xpressyour kinks, this hair is both real and synthetic. It’s as close to my natural texture that I could fine (great for all of the 4a 4b and 4c ladies)

First I decided to install twist



I wore my hair in twist for about 2 1/2 weeks(that is a personal record for me lol) I was missing my big hair. Well since I was already taking my hair down I decided just to take the twist out so I would have a twist out look. I figure that I could at least keep it in a week longer if I did this. Well I LOVE the results. This is a great way to extend a twist protective style for just a little while longer


It’s a WRAP

As a natural girl I am always on the lookout for great wraps that I can use for protective styles that are stylish and different. Look nor further than The Wrap life! I have seen a few vloggers and bloggers wear these wraps in their pictures and in videos and I wondered if the would live up to the hype. I purchased two wraps that were in the spring collection.

photo 1-2

Boombastic $21 (left) and Too Blue $18 (right)

Of course I opened them right up and started to play around and style them. What I love about these wraps are the vibrant colors and patterns that they have. These are cotton wraps and so easy to use. If you are wondering how you should style them the wrap life has a few tutorials(Wrap School) on their website to show you a few ways to rock your new wrap

What are you waiting for? Get out there and Wrap 🙂

(The Wrap life did not provide these wraps, I purchased these myself and the views are all mine)

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

photo 4-1

photo 5-1

Purple Reign

I had so much fun rocking my royal purple at the Lupus Walk 🙂 As a natural girl I am always in search of ways that I can change the color of my hair without damaging it.  I was looking through IG one day and came across a blogger/vlogger that goes by the name Hey GorJess she had these amazing blue highlights in one of her pics and I HAD to know how she did it.

Her damage free method was simple…EYESHADOW


Color Tattoo eye shadow from Maybelline

This was GENUIS, not only was it safe, but the color tatoo eyeshadow comes in VIBRANT colors and it was perfect for the pop of color that I needed. I actually loved it so much that I rocked it for three days. All you need to do it wash it out and style your hair as normal. This Video tutorial was just what I needed and I know that it will help you too.





If you decide to try this I would love to see your pics. Tag me in your Instagram pics

Naturalversary Celbration

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