Elegant UpDo for Natural Hair

I have always been interested in the 40-50’s hairstyles. They scream out glamor to me, I am always looking for easy ways to style my hair and add a bit of glamour. IMG_5150

Adding a fun accessory is what really made this hairstyle POP. I hope you have fun making the style your own


If you have Senegalese, Marley, puffy twist don’t worry you aren’t left out. Check out this tutorial I did for a vintage look

Three Year Naturalversary

I can not believe that it has already been three years since I decided to “big chop” I say that in quotations because I transitioned without even realizing that is what it was called lol. When I found out that I didn’t need to hold on to those said permed edges I decided that I would do a big chop. I love the versatility of wearing my hair in the form that it grows out of my head and also manipulating it to look like so many different hairstyles and curl patterns. I love changing the color of my hair as well. I say all this because there are some in the natural hair community that think just because a person does this to their hair; they aren’t considered “natural” and I say to each their own. I feel just as natural as a  person who has NEVER permed their hair or colored it. My hair grows up instead of down and I like to rock curly styles that empathize that.


Still had a bit of perm in my hair and I cut it all off a few months later

One thing I love about having the hair that I do, is that NO ONE is like me. I have unique hair, no curl pattern is exactly the same. The regimen that works for me may not work for you and that is ok. Wearing my hair the way that I do helped me learn to love myself and see that it’s ok to be different and stand out. That doesn’t mean that you are looking for attention it just means that you are comfortable in your own skin.


Having a blonde moment

After I had my son I was looking at easy to simplify my life and I wanted to do something big. I decided to get a tapered cut and I LOVED IT! I knew that I wanted to grown my hair out after I cut it so I would only have it for a short time but i knew that would help me out being a new mom. So here I am at my three year naturalversary and it’s like I’m at my 1 yr because I cut it lol. I had so much fun growing it out and who knows maybe I will cut it again in a few months. I am always looking for growth and change in y life


About four months after my cut. the sides were already twice as long


growing and growing


Hair blown out a few days after my three year naturalversary and a little over a year after my 2nd “big chop”

Bantu NOT

I have been natural for almost three years now (december 16th is my naturalversary) and I have come to the reality that certain hairstyles are not for everyone. I have tried and tried, looked at tutorials and tutorials but I can’t seem to get my bantu knot on point!

bantu NOTThis is my LATEST attempt at the bantu knot out, I am just going to refer to it as the bantu NOT out. because I can’t seem to get the definition that I see on youtube and IG. I have attempted them just by twisting the hair around itself, putting hair in two strand twist and THEN wrapping in bantu knot. I have done it on wet hair, semi dry hair, dry hair and none of them seem to work. I know when to throw in the towel lol Here is one of my BEST bantu knot outs.

Bantu YESThis was over TWO years ago, do you see that definition? to bad they were not dry all the way through so I had to pin-up the sides and rock it like that.

Here is another attempt after my hair had grown out a little after my tapered cut last year.

Bantu KNOTAgain NO BUENO lol I try and I try. Hey I have accepted it. Some people can’t rock a wash n go, my look that is on the back burner will be the bantu knots. Who knows maybe one day I will visit this style again but for now I will stick with what I know, Wraps,Twistouts, Puffs and Buns :)

Keep the hair simple

What are some of your hairstyles that you have decided you will take a break from trying? What are some of your Favorite style?

Fall into Wraps

Lets face it sometimes we have things to do and places to be. Wraps are a great choice when you have to deep condition on the go or your twist have not dried yet(actually wraps are great for ANY occasion) One of my favorite places to purchase wraps from are The Wrap Life. They have some amazing prints and colors and are like nothing I have seen on the market.



You know you love those colors!!! I have many ways that I like to wear my hair wraps. I have made a tutorial for 4 of my favorite ways. So let your imagination flow and Fall into Wraps this season.