They’re Grrrrrrrrrreat

Growing up I was obsessed with Tigers. I have always wanted one, I loved frosted flakes because there mascot was a tiger and I would always asked to get my face painted as a tiger when I would go to the fair.

My love for tigers is still there but a little less obsessed. I am all about WAHM companies and when I saw this company by the name of Mon Petit Mardi I was so happy. They have some of the CUTEST kids things (clothes, Hats,cloth diapers etc) Not only did I fall in love with their tiger crochet hat but as you can see judging by the pics bellow so did X.


T-shirt is also a WAHM. Great company called A beautiful Melody


The cutest tiger of them all



This hat has STRINGS! no way

Don’t Rain on My Parade

It’s very unusual for the the rain to stick around all day her in FL. When I first moved here I would marvel at the fact that one side of the street would have rain and the other would be completely dry. There have been times I am driving down the Highway and I will literally hit a wall of rain. Very odd I know. Today was a rainy day and We didn’t let that stop us from going outside. I put Xander in a shirt that was perfect for today. We didn’t let a cloud rain on our parade.

Shirt//Litte Urban Apparel//Jeans:H&M//Shoes:Thrifted




Get to Steppin’

Shoes have always been an obsession of mine. The higher the heel the better. Then I turned 30 and I was like ummmm unless it’s a special occasion I will be rocking flats. Now days flats are just as beautiful as heels, only your toes aren’t crossed weird once you take them off.

I like to splurge once an a while on shoes. I also love a company that gives back. TOMS are so comfortable and when you buy a pair of shoes they give a pair to a person in need. That to me is good business. Once I received the three pair I ordered (one for the whole family) we had to test them out. What better way to do that then to go on a afternoon walk and enjoy the temps and leaves of fall(the little bit of leaves we have down here in florida) We strapped on our new shoes and off we went.

fall blog

all the leaves are brown…and the sky is grey

fall blog 2

fall blog 3

Junior fashion – Boys addition

When I was expecting a boy I would always here: “Good luck finding clothes for him, people NEVER have boy clothes” I of course found that as a challenge. Sure a part of me was sad that I wouldn’t have frilly dresses or bows that I can adorn my child in. But then I began to think of all the suits, bow-ties, moccasins and suspenders that I could dress my little boy in and I was thrilled. The key to finding cute boy clothes is to think outside the box of target lol. Thrift stores are great finds but then again so are small online stores(think Etsy and Instagram) Don’t be afraid to ask around or better yet use those Hashtags(#dapperbabygear #theydowork) I am now 13 months into my baby stylist journey and I LOVE IT! I have found so many clothes and I actually need to cut back on buying so many( who would have thought I would have that problem with a boy)

I LOVE to dress up, so it’s only natural that I would like to dress up my boy. We have congregation meetings we attend every Sunday and Thursday. A lot of people ask me where I buy his dressy clothes. Since he is only a year I like to mix and match(not have a full suit yet) this is more comfortable. If you are looking for whole suits Burlington Coat Factory makes cute ones that will not break the bank. I love to buy pants and dress shirts from Zara, H&M, Baby thrift stores and even babies r us. Bow ties and ties I get from groopdealz, Zulily(What I love about these sites is that they change everyday so you can get some great deals), little prince couture(they are featured on zulily a lot so you don’t have to pay full price, they also have onsie dress shirts that go up to 24m so you don’t have to worry about tucking in all the time)  and I have found some GREAT shops on IG as well(Little Mr.Ties).  You don’t need to buy a lot of dress clothes. the key is to buy staples: blue,black,tan pants. Then you can buy white shirts and have fun with shoes and ties, I also like to play around with different color shirts to mix it up a bit.

Here is my little man

Shirt and bow tie: Little Prince Coture// Shorts: Zara baby(now that it’s fall you can find cute trousers with suspenders)// Shoes: Stiches & Soles


Bow tie: Little Prince Coture//Shirt: Thrifted//Pants:Thrifted//Sweater: H&M


Shirt:Little Prince Couture//Tie: Groopdealz//Pants: Babies R Us(Heidi Klum Brand Scrmptious)// Shoes: Stitches & Soles


We went to NYC in September to for our anniversary and of course we had to dress little man up 🙂

Shirt: Zara Baby// Pants: Thrifted// Shoes: stitches & Soles


Shirt and pants: H&M// Shoes: stitches & Sole


Shirt: Little Urban Apparel// Pants: The mini classy// Shoes: Stitches & Soles 10603378_10204887898344335_2654710042546702014_n

next we have a few looks from our everyday life, fun outfits we wear when going on walks, to the park or out and about

Shirt: My Brooklyn Baby //Shorts:H&M// Shoes: Stride Rite


Shirt: Tribe is alive// Shorts: Thrifted// Shoes: Baby Bear Moccs(BBMoccs on IG)IMG_1399

Shirt: Little Urban Apparel//Pants: H&M// Shoes: Stride Rite


Shirt: Little urban Appreal(From summer look line)//Pants: Beautiful Melody Design(they have the cutest shirts too)// Shoes: Stitches & Soles


You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes. the key is to buy staples: blue,black,tan pants. Then you can go crazy on shirts and shoes for boys to change the look.

One thing I will say is that the big name stores(Zara and H&M) their clothes are seasonal, so if you like something GET IT! because once it’s gone they usually don’t restock. I hope that you check out some of my favorite spots to get boys clothes. I love them and they have good quality clothes. I wasn’t able to put pics up of ALL the places I shop so make sure you follow me on Instagram at Floridanatural83, there you will find my post for my sons OOTD and I list where I purchase all his dapper duds. I also have an online pop up shop on IG Dapperbabyduds where I sell all of his clothes that he grows out of. Happy Shopping 🙂