Bring back the 90’s

I saw a meme the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh. They always say that history repeats itself.


Ahh the 90’s when times were simple, the fashion was crazy but something that I miss sometimes. My son was born in the mid  2000’s and it’s crazy to imagine what the fashion trends will be like when he gets older. For now I enjoy styling him the the fashion that I remember and grew to love. Here is a throwback outfit of the day featuring my son.

Guys and Doll

Last week as I was getting prepped to attend Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom I looked at the weather forecast and it said 80% chance of thunder storms. So imagine my excitement when I saw that forecast had changed and it was going to be a clear sunny day high of 86.

That is unusually warm for this time of year and FL but my husband and I were excited to dress our family up and strut our stuff. There were a few Dapper Day events going on but when you have a toddler they don’t care about events lol


We missed the festivities BUT it felt like we were in a special club, not everyone was dressed for dapper day at the park but everyone one who was dressed in their best would say: “Happy Dapper Day” with the biggest smile. We would compliment each other on our outfits, it was so cool to see the different dapper looks during the day

We JUST missed the boat ride with all of the other dapper guest but we were able to see them dock and step of the boat in style.


I have to say that our first Dapper Day as a family was a success and I look forward to many more to come

What we wore:

Amber: Top: H&M//Skirt: Mod Cloth//Shoes:Toms(comfort is key in an amusement park)

Kevin: Shirt, Pants, Bow-tie & Suspenders: Express//Shoes: Converse

X: Shirt & Bowtie:Littlest Prince Couture//Shorts: Children’s Place//Hat &Suspenders:Zara//Shoes:Converse

IMG_1454IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1464 IMG_1470 IMG_1477 IMG_1482 IMG_1484 IMG_1485

IMG_1488 IMG_1489FullSizeRender

Spring Fever

All over the us everyone is having spring fever. Temps are rising and every one is ready to kiss winter goodbye. A few of my favorite work from home moms have debuted their spring lines. These are so cute and great for boys and girls(check site for clothing sizes)

Each company has more than the shirts pictured. These are just some of my favorites. Check out Beautiful Melody Designs and Little Urban Apparel for more cute clothing

What shirt will your little ones be rocking this spring? My son will be rocking one or two from each collection and I will make sure to post an OOTD so you can see how I style them.

spring fever


1. Natures Candy//2.Crush T-shirt//3. Kind Heart, Kind Soul//4. Express yourself

5. Natures Candy Raglan// 6 Sailboat 

summer time 21.Chillin’//2.Surfer Pineapple//3.Jammin’ // 4.Dino Rawr

5. No Sleep//6.Killin’ It T-shirt

The promise of springs arrival,is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter~Jen Selinsky

Dapper Day


This year will be my first time attending the stylish extravaganza that is dapper day.  They have events in the spring and fall each year at Disney Land in California and Disney World in Florida.

I have been looking at pictures of the event for six years now and I finally get to go. I am excited because My husband and I love to get dressed up and we love dressing our son up as well. I  of course will be taking pick so I can blog about the fashion.

Here is a little sneak peek of what we are wearing


polka dots and traveling go hand in hand


My husband is all about prints with his shirts, Our son of course will be in suspenders and a newsboy cap.


Casual OOTD: Mommy and Me


When I found out I was having a boy I was so excited. I shared the news with everyone. A lot of people would say “Aw thats nice but would’t it be great to be able to dress you and your girl alike and have the same hair” I would just say:”I am blessed that I am having ANY child lol and I know that my son and I will have mommy and me moments as well”

Well today was that day! What I didn’t expect however is how hard it is to set up and take pics with only you and a toddler. I thought hey I have a tripod and a remote I am all set. I just need to take some shots and we will be all set. I WAS WRONG. I consider this a life lesson and I will now only have my husband take pics for us when I want to do a OOTD again. But I had fun and wanted to share with you our OOTD



IMG_1070On Myself: Shirt: H&M(similar Shirt)//Jeans: Forver 21//Shoes:Toms

On Xander: Shirt:Old Navy//Jeans:H&M(similar Jeans)//Shoes:Toms


Mom! no more pictures please



My little camera man