Casual OOTD: Mommy and Me


When I found out I was having a boy I was so excited. I shared the news with everyone. A lot of people would say “Aw thats nice but would’t it be great to be able to dress you and your girl alike and have the same hair” I would just say:”I am blessed that I am having ANY child lol and I know that my son and I will have mommy and me moments as well”

Well today was that day! What I didn’t expect however is how hard it is to set up and take pics with only you and a toddler. I thought hey I have a tripod and a remote I am all set. I just need to take some shots and we will be all set. I WAS WRONG. I consider this a life lesson and I will now only have my husband take pics for us when I want to do a OOTD again. But I had fun and wanted to share with you our OOTD



IMG_1070On Myself: Shirt: H&M(similar Shirt)//Jeans: Forver 21//Shoes:Toms

On Xander: Shirt:Old Navy//Jeans:H&M(similar Jeans)//Shoes:Toms


Mom! no more pictures please



My little camera man

Never too Busy


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As the great Kenny Lattimore would say :

“I’ve got things on my mind

I’m not too busy for you, I’m not too busy

If you’re feeling alone
I’m not too busy for you, I’m not too busy”

I must admit I have said those lines when it comes to making plans but I try my hardest to give you a time option as to when I am available to hang out with. It may be an early breakfast, late lunch or even a quick coffee meet up but you better believe I try and make time for those I care for. Things may come up but NO ONE (unless you are running a country or fortune 500 company) is ever TOO BUSY.

We live in a microwave society(everything is quick) and you have PLENTY of ways to reach out to others. E-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Goggle chat, KIK, Snapchat, Twitter to name a few. we can even go old school and write a letter( thats when you actually use a pen or pencil and write on a pice of paper for our young folks) You can literally send an invite to someone in 140 characters or less. Social media and smart phones have made it IMPOSSIBLE for you to never be found. Why do you think no one uses the acronym BRB anymore? because no one leaves their devices long enough to have to use that.

Social media is supposed to bring us closer but in truth it makes you believe that just because you see a few pics and status posted you know EVERYTHING that is gong on in someones life. Newsflash no one knows things unless you pick up a phone and talk or better yet, meet face to face and you can actually talk about what is going on in your friends and families life. Now there are some friends that have a mutual agreement that no matter how much time passes that they can just pick up where they left off, thats great! this is not about those type of relationships.

I have to admit that I have been caught up with being a mom for a year and a half and some of my friends and family have been put on the back burner and that is horrible but the first step to changing a situation is admitting that there needs to be a change. there is no excuse why you can’ t make time for those that you love. Truth is if you don’t make time then you are a bad friend. So now is the time to truly examine yourself and be real.  There are people in your life as you get older that you may not gel with anymore and that is ok but stop being a black hole sucking away at their time. They are trying to hang with you that’s all, If you don’t have time to be a friend say that. It’s better than waisting your time and pretending to be something you just don’t have time for.

Lets be honest we all make time for things we find important.

LIES the Real Tells

I have been a fan of The Real since they had their testing season last summer. I liked that it was a show with minorities that you don’t often get to see on television so I of course tuned in to support them. What I saw yesterday was ANYTHING but support. I was very saddened that they chose their platform to bash breastfeeding.

Now I may not choose to breastfeed my child until they are 6 years of age but the women who have: can.  You know why? THEIR BODY, THEIR BUSINESS. I am sadden that they didn’t have an expert on there to explain to them that a child can self wean between the ages of 2-7 yrs and that is NORMAL. I am sad that Tamera, who owns a company that is in place to help women UP their supply, feels that she is a breastfeeding advocate BUT only until a year of age.She also stated that if a child can ask for it and unbutton your shirt you should stop. I’m sure her son ask for food, does that mean that she won’t give it to him because he used his words and asked for it? Also I know children who weren’t breastfed and they try to pull down their mothers shirt(breastfeeding babies aren’t the only ones who get comfort from a mothers chest) Let’s not even get started with Tamar and her statement of milk going rancid after a certain time.

These women are entitled to their opinion however the platform that they have will already have some wine feel like they shouldn’t breastfeed or extended breasted. Minorities are already the LOWEST group to breasted their children(and african american women are least likely to do so) I was shocked the ones who were speaking down about it the most were two african american ladies.

I have said time and time again that education is key. Breastmilk and it’s benefits don’t stop at the age of one. The same vitamins and nutrients that a baby gets is the same that a toddler or CHILD gets. My son is almost 1 1/2 and when I was pregnant I thought I wouldn’t do it until 1 but after i educated myself I decided that I would let my child let me know when he was ready to quit. We live in a society where people would look at you crazy if you tried to drag your child and make them walk when they aren’t ready BUT when a child doesn’t feel like they are ready to wean and they are over the age of 1 people are told they should pump.

I am sorry but YOU pump if that is what YOU want to do, What someone else wants to do with THEIR body is THEIR business. I am sad that this segment was even tapped and shown. The same women that they are talking about here are the same women that help their business be successful as well as their show getting picked up. There are plenty of times where I am nursing my son as I watch their show. You better believe that I had something to say and I tweeted how I felt. I also wrote on the host walls on instagram.

Women shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed because of the parenting choices that they make. I find it ironic that the same day this posted a commercial from a formula company went viral and their message is great.

No matter what we choose at the end of the day we are all parents. We are just trying to do the best that we can. I would never try and shame these host that have breastfed for a shorter period than I have because that was THEIR choice and it worked for THEIR family.

If you are extended breastfeeding do it with PRIDE and if you are thinking about breastfeeding, educate yourself. See a lactation consultant, join a FB group that will support you and hang in there.


I encourage you to tell the ladies at the Real how you feel about their discussion on breastfeeding

The Real on Facebook

Tweet them @theRealDaytime

Whitney: Let’s Talk about it

lifetimeswhitneymovieposterartworkIf you are like me then you have been wondering how Lifetime was going to portray Whitney. I was onboard when I heard that Angela Bassett was directing and Yaya Decosta was playing Whitney herself(I have loved her since american next top model) Now after Lifetime did Aaliyah dirty I was a little nervous about what I was going to see.

So I decided to have a seat for the next two hours to check out if this movie would live up to the hype.As the movie started it was how Whitney met her future husband Bobby Brown. I felt that it painted Whitney as this crazy coke addict and Bobby was the innocent boy that was seduced by her. As the movie played on we can see how their love/addiction to each other played out.


Whitney seeing Bobby Perform at the Soul Train Awards(lifetime)

R&B singer Deborah Cox is singing all of the songs and Yaya is lip syncing to them. I have to say that I really wish that they would have used Whiney’s voice or find someone that was close to her voice, which is impossible because it’s WHITNEY FREAKING HOUSTON. But Deborah Cox did give her all in the voice performance. Especially her rendition of the famous I will always love you. Yaya slayed the lip syncing she was giving us Whitney all the way! very good performance.

Let us talk WIGS. This movie had no shortage of them at all and I was here for ALL OF THEM.Even though they were a HOT mess I lived for them because back in the 80’s and 90’s we all were rocking them lol


whitney-lifetimeIn all honesty  I think that they movie should have been called BOBBY. It seemed like it was written from HIS point of view and really didn’t focus to much on Whitney’s life and legacy. Also the interview with Mr. Brown following the movie was crass in my opinion. Why would you only want his point of view on their life? I have to say that the movie was a tad slow and downright boring in some places. There was SO MUCH missing and left me wanting to see more of her life story. Rumor has it that there will be a film made to dipuct the rest of Mrs. Houston’s life. Kuddos to lifetime for at least holding my attention for 2 hours but I can’t say that I would watch this movie on repeat. I will however download a song or two

Elegant UpDo for Natural Hair

I have always been interested in the 40-50’s hairstyles. They scream out glamor to me, I am always looking for easy ways to style my hair and add a bit of glamour. IMG_5150

Adding a fun accessory is what really made this hairstyle POP. I hope you have fun making the style your own


If you have Senegalese, Marley, puffy twist don’t worry you aren’t left out. Check out this tutorial I did for a vintage look