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I want to thank ALL of you for entering this giveaway. I really wish I had a ticket for every single person who entered. This was one of my first giveaways and rafflecopter made it so easy. They even randomly picked the winner fro me.

And the winner is….


A email has been sent to the winner

I can’t wait to attend and blog about my first experience at mommy con.

Again thank you to everyone who entered.

Havana Fro Unit Review

I am late to the Wig game and I am mad at myself! I love doing protective styles but I have a problem of keeping them in for longer than three weeks. With a wig you can have the versatility of different hair styles and the ability to change it up within a week. I love that. I decided to try out fingercomber’s Havana Fro Unit.  I had been searching for a while on YouTube and blogs and this picture right here is what made me decide to go with this unit.



Do you SEE that Diana Ross realness that this unit is giving? I was SOLD and I placed my order. It wasn’t until after my order that I had read some reviews about how it took over two months to receive the unit and I was worried. Well I placed my Order on April 1st and I received it on April 8th. That is AMAZING shipping if you ask me.

This unit is easy to clean and you have to detangle it. Since I am a natural I am used to having to detangle so this was not a con in my book. Just remember to always start at the ends and work your way up to detangle. The unit has two combs. One in back and one in the front. It is also adjustable.



There are so many versatile styles that you can do with this unit. You can do up do’s I especially love the fact that you can put havana twist in(I am looking forward to rocking that) as well as a big puff or just wear it out. I will be attending a wedding next week and I am thinking of the many ways I can rock this unit. I can’t wait. Below are a few hairstyles that I have rocked since receiving this.It is only a half wig so you will have to leave hair out and try to blend,that process was easy to do.  All in all I would recommend this wig IMG_1705





Some Bunny Loves you

I am always on the lookout for fun things my son and I can do together in our area. One place to look at is event brite.( Just search kids events) this site is great to see what kind of activities your family can enjoy in your area. I came across a mom and me paint class that happens every week.

The class included everything for $20. It was a keepsake painting and you would be using either your child’s foot or hand in the painting. That day we painting a bunny using our child’s foot. One of my sons nicknames is Honey Bunny so I was excited to be able to make this and hang it in his room.






This was put on by a company called The Color Wheelz and if you live in the Tampa Bay area I would highly recommend you check them out. This class was great. They read stories to the children and had a game for them to play. This company will also come to you for private parties for adults or children.


What are some of your favorite outings to do with your chilldren?

New York State of Mind

I am missing NYC so bad right now. I wish I had my own private jet so I can fly my family up there so we can see the city sights and just enjoy each others company. Back to reality! I know we will make it up there again, maybe this year, maybe not. But until we do, I have my pictures to look thorough and keep me in that New York state of mind.














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Mommy Con Giveaway


What is Mommy Con?

MommyCon is a boutique style natural parenting convention focused on bringing modern families together to discuss, learn and grow. A day at MommyCon features over a dozen speakers, workshops, shopping and more! The focus at MommyCon is education about parenting choices, and whether you choose to cloth diaper, babywear or breastfeed is up to you! We just like to provide you resources and information to make the best decisions for your family.(Taken from FAQ)

This is one of the biggest parenting events out there. This will be my first time going with my son and I look forward to meeting the winner and their guest.

The winner of this give away will win a pair of tickets to the Oralndo Mommy Con being held on Saturday, May 23, 2015. You can find the time and place of the event here

Yes you have read that right! I am giving away a PAIR of tickets to the SOLD OUT mommy con in Orlando.


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