Six ways to tie a Hair Wrap/Turban

I am a HUGE fan of wearing hair wraps. There are numerous ways that you can rock one.


Wearing Rekolte from Fanm Djanm

I love to use cotton ones because they are great for elaborate looking wraps. Don’t be intimidated, the wrapping part is pretty simple. It just takes a bit of practice.

Now my curly ladies, just remember that if you plan on wearing wraps for an extended period of time(more than a day) or you have hair that easily breaks off. You can wear a silk bonnet underneath the wrap to protect your strands.

Here is a tutorial I made to help you with SIX ways to rock a wrap :)

Bring back the 90’s

I saw a meme the other day and I couldn’t help but laugh. They always say that history repeats itself.


Ahh the 90’s when times were simple, the fashion was crazy but something that I miss sometimes. My son was born in the mid  2000’s and it’s crazy to imagine what the fashion trends will be like when he gets older. For now I enjoy styling him the the fashion that I remember and grew to love. Here is a throwback outfit of the day featuring my son.

Coloured Raine Review

I have always loved bright colors. The brighter the better but when it comes to my lipstick I have always been a pink,purple,nude and red type of girl. I have always wanted to step outside the box but never had the nerve to do so.

I came across this company called Coloured Raine and as  I was perusing the cosmetics, I saw some of the brightest “out of the box” colors I have seen. I decided to just take the plunge and I ordered three liquid lipsticks and one normal lipstick.

As soon as I received them I immediately put on a color that I would have never even thought of trying before.


Wearing Emerald Raine

I absolutely loved the green!

Here are my thoughts and the other colors that I purchased.

It’s called SELFesteem

I have noticed that I usually get the same backhanded compliment: “You are so confident, how is it that you can be so confident at your size?”

I usually end up looking at them like this:


Excuse me? How is that a complement? I am confident because I learned to love myself and because of that, I don’t need anyone or anything to validate me. I haven’t always been this way. I didn’t love myself or know my worth when I was younger. I was always a people pleaser, I wanted to make sure everyone else was taken care of before I was.

Now these are good qualities to have but you MUST remember that in order for you to be at your best for anyone you have to be at your best for your self first. I am not advocating that you should become selfish, no I am simply stating that it’s important to know your limits and it’s ok to say no to things.

I am also saying that it’s so important for you to love the way you look flaws and all. If YOU want to make changes for yourself then great but don’t let anything that anyone else has to say about you change how you view yourself. Being happy with yourself is what will help you make and keep healthy relationships for the rest of your life. You won’t be chasing after happiness because it will come from within.

When you are happy with yourself then confidence will exude from every fiber of your being. I am not saying that I don’t have my moments of insecurities. I do, as a matter of fact when I saw this pic the FIRST thing I noticed was my size and the “back rolls”


I wasn’t paying attention to the beautiful sights in front of me, or the fact that I have a child to share this with, a husband who admired this so much he took a photo of it. I was actually not going to post this pic on my blog, but then I SNAPPED out of it, I said “Not today satan!” I know there may be others who also see those flaws that I see in myself but I KNOW that is not what defines me. I love myself and I know that its detrimental to my feelings if I stayed in that mind-set. So I turned the negative thoughts into positive ones and look at what this picture has to offer.

That is the key to confidence, don’t dwell in those negative feelings, it’s ok to have them, we are imperfect so we will have them from time to time. You just need to tell your self that you are loved and that there are so many things to be positive about.


Date night: Zoominations

Right now Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa has an exhibit called Zoominations. This is an exhibit of lanterns all over the park. Such an awe to see in person and the pictures just doesn’t do it justice. We love checking out locals things as a family and this was such a fun activity. This is a once in lifetime opportunity, Toronto, London and Beijing are the only other places this exhibit has been held. Groupon has a wonderful deal going on right now for tickets. This exhibit ends June 28th. If you can I would highly suggest you come out and see it.













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