1 Jan

Going out with a BANG

This past weekend was the last of 2013! Where did the year go? True I spent 3/4 of the year pregnant so that could be why it felt like it flew by.

I really wanted a low key weekend with my husband and 3 month old. And since it was “chilly” in Florida I decided to bust out the boots and long sleeves. I decided to do a bargain look. I’m currently loosing weight(went from a 18 to size 12) and I do t want to purchase a whole new wardrobe so I just bought some pieces and decided to do a casual look for our date night out.



The pants and shirt are both from oldnavy and the boots are from JustFab. both very good bargain stores and great places to buy pieces to add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

And of course I had to g out with BOTH of my guys. My husband did a wonderful job with taking our pic and here is my little man. Hope you all enjoyed your last weekend of 2013 and I hope your 2014 is GREAT



4 Aug
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You,Me and Baby makes three

It’s hard to believe that I have a few more weeks left until my husband and I meet Alexander and we are both so excited. I am sorry that there haven’t been to many hair tutorials up on the blog but in all honesty all my energy is going to growing a human lol. However I was able to pull together a cute vintage look for our maternity pictures and I wanted to share a few of them with you all. We want to thank Audrey and Renee’ of Captured Twice Photography for the beautiful shots. It was hot that day but we had a blast and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for the newborn pic. Here are a few of our favorites. Hope you enjoy

A & K (6 of 30)

A & K (11 of 30)






A & K (14 of 30)




17 Jul
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Baby Mad

I can’t believe that my baby shower has come and gone already. My pregnancy is almost over. I have a little less than 7 weeks left(give or take) My girl Lachelle has planned this shower since I called her to let her know I was 5 weeks pregnant.

She had two themes in her head and she told me that she hopped that we were having a boy because that theme was her favorite(imagine her excited when I called her to say we would be welcoming Baby Xander)

I wanted everything to be a surprise and I wanted this to be a swank event. (Not a lot of baby games, co Ed, cocktails served to the guest, didn’t want to open up presents, and dancing) those were the only requirements I had. So imagine how excited I was when I received my invitation( with the rest of the guest and I found out my theme)

photo 2(6)

photo 1(7)

My husband was thrilled just as I was. We love the TV show and just it was PERFECT, so us. Upper east side meets swanky, chic fashion

We had the shower at a local venue called suite six
photo 3

photo 4
It was everything I imagined it would be. We were surrounded by family and friends and everyone had a blast.  One of the games we played was

photo 4 (2)

they had to taste six beers and guess the name of them. The winner won a bottle of Johnny Walker Black another game was name that tune. It was so much fun to see everyone involved.

It was emotional because we have waited a long time to celebrate something like the birth of a child and to share it with loved ones was amazing. Here are some pics of the night





photo 5

photo 5

Baby Xander’s nursery is Monsters Inc themed and one of my guest made a monsters inc diaper cake

photo 2(5)

photo 1(6)

photo 1





photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

I will never forget this day.

20 Jun

DIY: Yarn Wrap Letters, Monsters Inc Style

I have seen PLENTY of Yarn wrap letters floating all over pinterest and I think they look adorable. Especially for a nursery room. So I decided that I would make some for my son Xander (who will be gracing us with his presence sometime in September) But I wanted to put my own spin on it and make it unique.

His nursery is going to be monsters inc themed. I knew right away what kind of color yarn I wanted. But I needed an extra touch. So for the “Mike” letter I went to Micheals and purchused a googly eye and for the “Sully” letter I decided to purchase purple felt and cute our circles for his polka dots. The letters I bought from Joan Fabric. They were just cardboard letters.

Supplies Needed: Teal Yarn (for Sully)

Green Yarn(for Mike)

Googly eye

Felt Cut into Circles

Glue or tape

Cardboard letters

To start wrapping you want to make sure that you glue the staring point of the yarn to the BACK of the letter. I am sorry that I did not get a picture of this but I did get a picture of how I started to wrap the letter K. If you have spaces that are not covered you can go back over those by just cutting a piece of yarn and gluing it on. The X was a little difficult because of the angles but just play around with the yarn and figure out what works for you